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  1. MotorEddy

    Fuel Sender GTD

    Do you have a close-up picture of the gauge (or gauges)? For example, I'm using a couple of these gauges:- which requires a sender with resistance ranging from 20 ohms (full) to 260 ohms (empty), like this Triumph TR unit:- The sender arm can bent bent and shortened to match the tank...
  2. MotorEddy

    May the Fourth....

    When I have finished the wiring this thing it will glow...and there's an 8 ohm speaker, too, for sound FX. Video to follow.
  3. MotorEddy

    Panel Bonding Agents

    A lot of UK builders use a polyurethane product such as Sikaflex 221.
  4. MotorEddy

    Mk.1 twin rear light

    Fantastic, thanks!
  5. MotorEddy

    Adjusting rear camber

    If you can't adjust the inner end of the lower wishbone, could you adjust the two outer Rose / heim joints? Or, do as you say - remove the bolt retaining the lower inner rose joint and make your best guess at the adjustment needed then re-assemble. You might then be in the ball-park, and...
  6. MotorEddy

    Advice Please, Which Order for Sealant Drilling & Pop Rivets

    Could you clamp your damaged panel to some new aluminium sheet and drill through, or transfer marks?
  7. MotorEddy

    Mk.1 twin rear light

    @Shed Racing @Andy318is If you decide on twin rear light setups, I'd be interested to hear what height the lower lights end up at. I'm pretty sure it's a minimum of 350mm for UK IVA test (though you car has already passed, I guess, Andy?).
  8. MotorEddy

    Adjusting rear camber

    Depends which car you have, but I would have thought that the upper link would be made with RH / LH rod ends so that you can slacken the two lock nuts, rotate the upper link and this will move the top of the upright in/out to adjust camber. You'll then need to readjust toe and caster with the...
  9. MotorEddy

    May the Fourth....

    To commemorate, I've been busy in the workshop...with some left-over stainless water pipes from the GT40, a lump of aluminium round bar, bit of black Acetal round bar, some plastic strips and multicoloured LED tape:- Inner chassis (to hold control circuitry, battery, charge port...
  10. MotorEddy

    Door roundel sizes ?

    Do you have contact details for Stanley Knife? Asking for a friend....
  11. MotorEddy

    Phenolic spacer paper gasket air leak solution required please

    Hi Nick A long time ago, when we were fitting DCOEs to Mini and Escort manifolds, we were told (and found out for ourselves it was true) that Weber flanges were easily distorted if rigid fasteners were used, and then they would leak air for evermore. The only thing which worked were the Misab...
  12. MotorEddy

    Lola T70 Spyder Mk I replica comfort

    Track:- As for comfort on the road....hmmm!!
  13. MotorEddy

    Southern GT #48

    First sill installed... And then fixed in place - I used countersunk rivets on this panel Cover plate is bolted into csk Rivnuts. Same, but with gear change rod shift cover in place.
  14. MotorEddy

    GT40 MK2 EBAY body and chassis plans

    Hi Devin You're located in Ontario, right? Is this something you're selling? Cheers Eddy
  15. MotorEddy

    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    That's exactly what Bill Gates and George Soros have programmed you into believing....
  16. MotorEddy

    Fuel cap bolt pattern

    You I have two spare? Or that you have two spare?
  17. MotorEddy

    Fuel cap bolt pattern

    Nine holes is correct; here's a Gelscoe magnesium cap:- But hard to believe that Broadley (or FAV) would have been designing in millimetres...? Wonder if it's 9 x 6" on originals...
  18. MotorEddy

    Southern GT #48

    Hi Neil I think that suggestion is intended for Andrew's Tornado project; he has his own thread... My tanks are Southern GT and are bolted-in using their own flanges / brackets. Cheers, Eddy
  19. MotorEddy

    Southern GT #48

    Hi Andy I see you have had the same problem as me...lack of rigidity!* I clamped a couple of hefty alloy blocks either side of the upper & lower jaws to reduce the throat of the roller to the minimum where I could still fit the workpiece into place - this helped a lot. Prior to that, the upper...
  20. MotorEddy

    Southern GT #48

    Friday was bracket day... The Malpassi regulators will be fed by two of these Carter P4600 each side, as near to being level with the tank outlets as I could mount them. Gauze filter to catch any swarf or crud, then the pumps (one each side) will feed a...