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    Manta mirage into a slc

    Sorry for the early morning sarcasm, of course I was not being serious by any stretch of the imagination.
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    Manta mirage into a slc

    [email protected] Ask them nicely, they might be OK with you copying their design.
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    Advice Please, Which Order for Sealant Drilling & Pop Rivets

    Just ordered a set of strap duplicators, thanks for the link. Wish I had found these sooner..
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    Air Conditioning Effectiveness

    Your drier/desiccant wasn't ever open to atmosphere was it?
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    AC Hose Crimper

    The tool in that that link above looks promising. The alternative is having a radiator shop do your crimps. I did this for my build. It was $10 per crimp, I had about 10 crimps. At least you know the tool is good and the crimps are done right.
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    Mid engine C5 T70

    Street driving or track only?
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    G96 master cylinder size?

    I never even installed the 3/4 based on other builder's complaints of the pedal effort. Make sure you always install an adjustable clutch pedal stop so you don't overtravel the slave!
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    G96 master cylinder size?

    I used a Toyota 5/8" master cylinder for my G96.01 on my GTM, with the caveat that I have not yet driven the car. It has been started and can run through the gears. I dropped down from the supplied Wildwood 3/4" master to decrease pedal effort.
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    SLC Superlite For Sale

    I see a side - exit exhaust on the passenger side but not the driver's side, is that correct or are the photos taken at different times?
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    Mid-engine C5 T70

    Neat project! Are you implying that this chassis was once destined to become an F7? Or just a clone of that chassis?
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    "Molly from Amazon"

    I added my cell # to the do-not-disturb list about 2 years ago, seems like the calls got worse shortly thereafter...
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    Modern-day Miura

    Amazing stuff. The only metal shaping that I find myself doing is trying to make my aluminum sheet flat again after it gets a warp from cutting it! And that's hard enough!
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    Scratch Build of Jag XJ220 Replica

    Just saw there is an original going to auction this month.
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    Aero and radiators

    That being said, the most high performance cars in the world (ie dedicated race cars that don't require a frunk for groceries) exit that air through the hood just a little forward of the SL-C opening, which is easily replicated with only minor body work that a builder could knock out on a nice...
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    Aero and radiators

    If you are looking for high speed stability, I wouldn't dump air to the underside of the car. For a street car that never sees triple digits, you will be fine though. This book is a great read if you want to try to maximize aerodynamic efficiency.
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    Aero and radiators

    Cool CFD analysis, Scott. This stuff really interests me, here's a previous thread. Again, SL-C oriented.
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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    Nice upgrade. Looks like a part that could be 3d printed in ABS, perhaps with some mild beefing up.
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    I've been wondering about this for my Turbo Esprit. How do you control the unit, does it have a built-in regulator? Do you use a vacuum reservoir? That's an interesting dual-booster brake setup BTW...
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    Modern-day Miura

    I've been doing this backwards all along!
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    Modern-day Miura

    Are you running your coolant pipes through the backbone or in the (external) rocker panels. The latter will make the car interior much cooler in the summer driving season.