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    Anyone on here got any experience with getting custom steel forgings made? any recommendations or suggestions welcome? Thanks...
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    After Brexit

    I live in the republic of Ireland and up to now have bought most of my fasteners and propriety parts from the UK, but after January things from the UK are going to get more expensive because of Brexit. Does anyone know of a good fastener supplier in the EU who sells small quantities of imperial...
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    Superformance axle spline

    Does anyone know what the spline is in a superformance axle, I count 28 teeth, but any more information would be useful. Thanks.
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    3D Printed Hartwell Latch Parts

    Printed in Aluminium
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    Scrap/Old tyres wanted

    Hi, I am looking for some old 215/60/15 and 275/55/15 Avon CR6ZZ to use while I sort out my bodywork, I don't want to buy new as they will be scrap by the time I get my car built! I am in no mad hurry as currently I can't pick them up anyway! Just keep it in mind if you are thinking of changing...
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    BRM wheel supplier

    I am looking for a supplier of what I call proper BRM wheels, Most of the commonly available wheels don't look exactly right, Vintage Wheels, Image wheels etc. All the Gelscoe and superformance cars have "proper wheels" I just wonder who supplies them? Thanks, Brian Coombs
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    Superformance Driveshaft Flange

    Dose anyone know what the driveshaft flange in the rear upright is from? I cant believe superformance make their own? Does anyone make an uprated one? Many Thanks, Brian C
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    ZF 5DS 25-2

    I have just got hold of an old ZF 5DS 25-2 gearbox opened it up to find the crown wheel has been lockwired, can I assume this has been re built at some time or was this standard from the factory? Also the differential sideplates have a strange extension on them going down towards the clutch...
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    Rear Lower Wishbone Inboard Bearing

    Does anyone know what the rear lower wishbone inboard bearing are, and where I can get 2 in the UK. Thanks BC
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    Damaged Windscreen and 289/302 engine block

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? I am looking for a damaged "real" windscreen to use as a jig when building the roof section on my chassis. I am also looking for a scrap engine block, to use as a jig? I a willing to pay some money for these, and I am in the UK a lot so can pick up...
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    when you have finished your GT40...

    When you have finished your GT40 them maybe have a go at one of these.... BLUEPRINTS FOR LONGBRIDGE & METRO LC8 ADO88 R6 R100 6R4 ZAGATO MALEO TURBO | eBay or maybe not!
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    Real GT40 Bellhousing dimension

    I wonder if anyone can help me? I am trying to find out what the width of a original MK1 GT40 bellhousing is, from block face to gearbox mounting face? Thanks. Brian Coombs
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    Garage Clearout 2

    Found some more bits that might be of interst:- Brembo Hand Brake Calipers £300 part Number 22.5921 (ferrari 458 etc) Rover to Renault bellhousing. Its a bit scruffy, but as far as I know never been used £150 Disc bells and AP racing floating bobbins, They fit Granada hubs and 190.5 P.C.D...
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    Garage Clearout

    I Need to make some space in my garage! 1 pair of used seats, one seat missing a couple of eyelets but easily fixed £300 1 pair of used Fuel Tanks with level senders, a bit scruffy, need cleaning out, but will work fine £250 1 ford Racing Camshaft M6250-A312 £100 1 set of 8 new ford racing...
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    Nothing to do with me, but saw it and thought it might make a nice Christmas present, if someone will buy it for me? FORD GT40 Monocoque Chassis | eBay
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    Plastic Fuel Tanks

    Is anyone out there using plastic fuel tanks? I was hoping to use a proper race car bag tanks on my replica, but they are just too expensive, I have used aluminium tanks on previous cars, but I have always wondered how well they would withstand an impact especially around the welded seams...
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    ford 302 engine build

    I have a pile of new parts to build a new engine, Performer RPM heads keith Black Pistons Eagle rods etc, all new except the block (which has had a sleeve on one cylinder and re bored +30 thou) and crank which has also been re ground. I am not sure the block and crank are worth using, so I am...
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    DTA P8 Pro ECU

    DTA P8 Pro ecu, complete with 2 plugs, new pins, user manual, and software, 450 pounds sterling
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    vintage AP calipers

    AP racing CP2636 calipers, form early 70s endurance racing spec I have the AP Drawing if required spare parts, seals etc, still available from AP 350.00 pounds sterling available in the UK,
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    Flywheel Bolt Pattern/dimensions?

    I am currently machining a new flywheel for my 302, does anyone know what the PCD dimensions are for a standard 28oz 302 flywheel? I know one of the holes is offset? but by how much? Thanks, BC