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    What Alternator?

    My first GT40 build. Got the engine (302) in and now working out how and what alternator to use. Space is tight so have ordered a single groove March crank pulley to keep things back from the bulkhead. I am looking at getting the alternator low on the right hand side on a purpose made bracket. A...
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    Engine Mounting Position - 302. Help please

    Hi All I have just dropped my 302 and UN1 combination into my (bespoke) chassis (made many years ago by someone else) to look at getting the engine mounts made up. I could do with a bit of experience please. I have lined up the driveshafts with the output shafts on the UN1 so they are straight...
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    302 Rotating Assembly Balancing Question

    I am hoping someone can help with their experience please. I am building a '68 302 28oz engine. I am mating it to a UN1 gearbox and have the small (Essex type) flywheel to suit (together with AP/Cosworth clutch etc). The flywheel has no counterweight. My harmonic balancer is the 28oz one. Am I...
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    New Member in UK

    Hi, I am about to embark on the major restoration of a 1989 GT40 Replica. It is registered as a KVA. It has the MK3 body but the chassis, which is stainless steel, looks like a special, maybe home made. It has good suspension set up all round, I suspect not the KVA standard from what I have...