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  1. Dwight

    Question about starter for G50 with KEP fly wheel

    Dropped off the new WOSP starter today at the dyno shop. No damage to the ring gear! Great news! The retaining clip on the IMI starter broke and allowed the spring to push the gear off the shaft into the bell housing. Good news. I guess. As I was leaving one of the mechanics told me he was a...
  2. Dwight

    Question about starter for G50 with KEP fly wheel

    UPDATE; Tuesday I got a call from the dyno shop. My starter (new) crapped out. I called Kennedy Engineering to verify my 2900 flywheel was correct with the IMI 101 starter. They had problems with the IMI 101and now sell WOSP 1101. They shipped one out that evening. I should get it by Monday...
  3. Dwight

    Question about starter for G50 with KEP fly wheel

    Randy after all these years I have my 40 in the dyno shop getting the final tune. Should be finished next week. I hope. Next is the paint shop.
  4. Dwight

    Question about starter for G50 with KEP fly wheel

    I have a IMI 101 starter and a KEP 2900 flywheel behind my 347. I cranked the motor at the dyno shop and my mechanic told me later I had a problem with the starter. To him it sounded like a gear to flywheel mismatch. I knew that there was an obnoxious noise coming from the start but hoping it...
  5. Dwight

    GT 40 "Tulip" walnut shift knobs with emblem

    That looks more than Awesome
  6. Dwight

    Hi From a new replica owner

    Jim welcome to the forum there are a lot of Cobra, Shelby, GT 40, Coupe gals and guys in your area. They meet monthly. I can hook you up with them if you like.
  7. Dwight

    Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

    I'm still here. I know five people who died with Covid 19 and maybe another 30 who had it.
  8. Dwight

    RCR GT40 Build Questions

    Chuck and Ryan's RCR Build | GT40s Keith's RCR GT40 Mk I Build | GT40s J. Salmon RCR-40 Build | GT40s
  9. Dwight

    CAV or RCR GT40 WHY?

    It has been my experience that the finale cost of a kit Cobra is the same. It does not matter if you paid $13,000 or $19,000 for the base kit. In the end the builder will spend the same to finish his kit.
  10. Dwight

    source for door windows

    I bought mine from Mark Clapp
  11. Dwight

    Keith's RCR GT40 Mk I Build

    I met up with Keith at a car show in Ardmore Tenn Saturday. About a 1000 cars / trucks at the show and the Black GT 40 kept a crowd around it all day long.
  12. Dwight

    Any RCR40s in California, So. OR or East NV? Or any RCR cars in that area?

    Keith Wilson build this one. It's his GT 40. He has a great build log on this site.
  13. Dwight

    Hope this isn't one of us

    that was not a new report of an accident. It was a bashing of the guy and the way he made his living. Must have been a jealous reporter ( I use the term reporter loosely)
  14. Dwight


    I had to make a bracket for a return spring.
  15. Dwight

    RCR GT40 Rear Clip Width

    You can mount it in place and leave it in the sun for a few days and it will move. Ask me how I know
  16. Dwight

    RCR GT40 Rear Clip Width

    RCR body was popped off of P1008, a race car. The people who build the race car did not care if it would win a trophy in a Concours Car Show for best of body. It's a race car! The body in not perfect! It's looks great and it's fast and it won lots of races.
  17. Dwight

    RCR GT40 Rear Clip Width

    there bodies are not poorly made
  18. Dwight

    CAV or RCR GT40 WHY?

    The RCR fiberglass body is made in Canada