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    FS USA Fast fuel injection.

    Have a complete Fast fuel injection system. Fits a 427 Windsor with the large port afr 205 heads. Has the heads up screen hp tq out puts. Skid pad g force. Real time air fuel mixtures. Timing adjust for nos or turbos. Uses ford injectors. 2 gallion tank with hi pressure pump. Was running good...
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    Spax shocks needed.

    Hello Looking for a couple new Spax G66 ap shocks for the rear of a Cav. Thanks
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    FS USA 427w nunn colorado

    Hello, Have a complete 427 550 hp(351 w block)out of a cav gt40. Dart block Scat 9000 crank Scat 4340 rods Srp Pistons Child’s and Albert rings Crane rockers X303 cam Afr heads Pro efi fuel injection complete with dash display sensors Racing oil pan/windage tray 10.1 compression 5000 miles...