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    AP-racing 6600 Caliper.

    Anyone know if for example wilwood have a caliper that matches the AP-racing 6600 caliper..i mean offsett ,mounting and so on.. a bolt on replacement caliper for the 6600..=)
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    Mouting bracket,serpentin style

    Im trying to find some nice mouting bracket with pullys for my Ford 302-86 engine,im not gonna use the power steering but i will have the AC.. someone know were i can find a nice set? /Dogge
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    "BEC" Peter Baily Cars orded to sweden..=)

    Now it is done,a BEC peter Baily GT40 is coming to sweden..=) after checking with the present manufacturers off GT40 i dicided to go for BEC,so know it will be some nervous mounth off waiting for the car to arrive..=) Total of (3) BEC GT40 will arrive to sweden.. some friends of mine gona...
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    Ford casting numbers

    I have a Ford 302 engine that is suposed to be from -84 it is a 5.0 HO fuel injected,but the casting numbers seams to be strange.. cant find any info to make out the year or anything..:/ U2G20...this is the numbers..someone ho knows what it stands for? /Dogge
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    Audi 01X transmission

    This audi numbers realy make me confused..:/ I have found a Audi transmission 6-speed.. it is from a 2004 A4 2.5 2wd.. but the numbers is not 01E??? This is the numbers.. GDX 01X 301 103 K Anyone ho knows if this is the same gearbox as the 01E.. and have some kind off chart that tell the...
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    Audi 01E 6-speed

    Does anyone know how mutch load the 01E 6-speed will take.. im thinking about the 01E with the wide and flexible 1 gear.. or should it be better to go with the porsche 944 turbo 5-speed gearbox? /Doger By doggydoggen at 2008-03-05
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    RCR Aluminium chassis

    Calling from Sweden.. im looking for a replica kit worldwide and offcourse RCR is interessting.. but it is a problem..and that is that the (sfro)swedis build my english..=) normaly dont let aluminium monacq chassies pass tru check.. because they think it will not last as steal...
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    Fuel cells for BE-GT40 replica

    Anyone know were i can buy some fuel cells that will fit on the Bailey Edwards GT40 ? /Dogge