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    Looking for bits for my 302

    Hi Nick I do have a water pump I am not going to use. It came off the 302 I have just rebuilt for my car but I am using a Davies Craig electric set up. I also have a set of con rods, a pair of heads (ported), a Weiand inlet manifold and a Mallory distributor. I am in South Warwickshire. Chris
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    What Alternator?

    My first GT40 build. Got the engine (302) in and now working out how and what alternator to use. Space is tight so have ordered a single groove March crank pulley to keep things back from the bulkhead. I am looking at getting the alternator low on the right hand side on a purpose made bracket. A...
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    Engine Mounting Position - 302. Help please

    Thanks Mike, really helpful. I am making the mounts so I can get some adjustment which will hopefully get me somewhere near. I reckon I am OK forwards/backwards, but might be able to tweak the height a bit. I like the idea of the wedge. Chris
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    Engine Mounting Position - 302. Help please

    Hi All I have just dropped my 302 and UN1 combination into my (bespoke) chassis (made many years ago by someone else) to look at getting the engine mounts made up. I could do with a bit of experience please. I have lined up the driveshafts with the output shafts on the UN1 so they are straight...
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    Electric water pump and digital controller question

    Useful and timely thread. I am also about to embark on the same route with my build using a 302. Good info on the location of the controller, that makes sense. Is there an ideal place for the pump? Front of car or near the engine or doesn't it matter? I was sort of assuming the latter and just...
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    What's happening in the USA ?

    Division and denial of democracy is not unique to the States. We've had it here in the UK too. It's a modern phenomena, perhaps driven to some extent by social media. It's getting worse. Whatever one thinks of Mr Trump, could anyone truly say he was treated fairly and with respect by the media...
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    302 Rotating Assembly Balancing Question

    Perfect, thank you, I was looking at that recess this morning wondering if that might be an option. That clarifies things. Was having a moment wondering if I needed another flywheel!
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    302 Rotating Assembly Balancing Question

    I am hoping someone can help with their experience please. I am building a '68 302 28oz engine. I am mating it to a UN1 gearbox and have the small (Essex type) flywheel to suit (together with AP/Cosworth clutch etc). The flywheel has no counterweight. My harmonic balancer is the 28oz one. Am I...
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    Russ' AP GT40 Rebuild

    Sounds like you and I are on a parallel path! I have stripped a car back in much the same way. Built originally in 1989 and updated in 1995, mine had a MK3 body (which I am replacing with a MK1) and BMW 740i hubs, brakes etc. In fact it has BMW stuff everywhere, including the radiator and did...
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    Need advice, and possibly an engine block for 302 Ford

    Laser welding sounds amazing from what I have read and worth investigation. It is possible to simply weld up cracks either with a stick welder and the right rods or even with a MIG. You have to go gently and take your time but it can be done. I would investigate the options before junking the...
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    MIG alloy welding

    Plus one for a Spool gun. I could not get on with the old teflon liner thing. PITA. The spool gun is brilliant. With a bit of practice you will soon get to grips with it and be making some decent welds. Needs a bit of practice, that's all. I also braze with the spool gun. Really useful tool.
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    302 teardown and rebuild UK

    Sounds like you know these engines! Thank you for the advice. Will explore
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    302 teardown and rebuild UK

    Could be a handy thread for me! I too have nearly stripped one for a rebuild. I have no experience of smallblocks. All my previous engines are BB and my cobra has a 1964 427. Thankfully my 302 (68) looks to be in good nick, done little from a previous rebuild. It was taken out and replaced with...
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    KVA MK1 restoration

    Not actually started yet!!! Just put a new set of heads on my old FE 427 in the Cobra and am about to renew the shockers on that too. Then, hopefully, I can make a proper start on the 40. By all means come and have a look. It would be good to compare notes/ideas Chris
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    KVA MK1 restoration

    Hi James I am also about to start a KVA restoration, it was registered in 1989. Mines a bit of a mess! Not that it can't be repaired with some time and money. I have a 302 and a couple of UN1 gearboxes and a BMW V8 which will go on EBay. The 302 looks almost new. Will probably put a top end kit...
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    New Member in UK

    Thanks, have now updated my profile to show location. I have already joined the GT40 Enthusiasts
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    New Member in UK

    Hi, I am about to embark on the major restoration of a 1989 GT40 Replica. It is registered as a KVA. It has the MK3 body but the chassis, which is stainless steel, looks like a special, maybe home made. It has good suspension set up all round, I suspect not the KVA standard from what I have...