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    The Driven Experience Co: Renting a 991 GT3 in California

    I wanted to share a fantastic experience I had renting a 991 GT3 from a company called The Driven Experience Co. I recently travelled to California from the Midwest and was looking for a fun car to rent while I was out there. I stumbled across a rental company with some awesome driver’s cars...
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    Dream Racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

    Hey guys. I’ve made it a habit of trying out exotic car driving experiences over the last few years. Between friends and myself, we’ve done a lot of these things. I recently did some laps with Dream Racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I wanted to share my thoughts, especially things that I...
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    Nemesis 2 Tandem

    I just found out that the Nemesis 2 Tandem is now a factory offered car from Superlite. I know people have ordered custom 2-seaters in the past but didn't know it was going to go into production. I guess this will make it easier for me to forget about the Razor... Pics and info please, Fran...
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    SLC Performance Figures

    I thought it might be interesting to start a thread where SLC owners could post some performance figures. I think that it would be cool to hear some stats such as 0-60 times, 0-100 times (if anyone has tested this yet), lap times (even if they're local [to you] tracks), or any other applicable...