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    Light weight BATTERY

    I'm looking for a light weight battery for my GT40 build. The battery needs enough power to crank over a 302 Ford. The battery should be completely sealed (giving off no gases or liquids) and a long shelf life would be an asset as cars tend to sit a lot. Seems to be a lot of batteries to choose...
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    Turbo Wrap or not to turbo wrap

    Ceramic coating of headers appears to be favored instead of wrapping materials to reduce under hood temps. My question is: Is an insulating blanket on the turbine (exhaust) side of a turbo a help or hindrance ? ranger jim ps Way to go Ford on their win at Le mans 2016 :thumbsup: check...
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    Sequential transaxle for SBF RCR40

    Fran, Talked to you late last fall about a sequential transaxle for a RCR40 powered by a SB Ford. You mentioned Sedev. How is your sourcing of this transaxle progressing ? Ranger Jim
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    Air Horns ?

    For a kick, I installed a cheap set of JC Whitney air horns(for $28) on my wife's Escort. There add claimed 130 decibels loud. These air horns were definetly loud. They were the loudest horns I've experienced and worked great for scaring deer off the roadway. The problem is they just do not...
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    Suspension Joints, metallic or rubber?

    Fran, As I wish to use my RCR 40 on extended road trips. Have you built cars with suspension joints other than rod ball end type(Hiem). I realise Hiem joints are standard on race cars, but they appear to be another headache to me. Your comments please.
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    Arias Windsor Ford Hemi Heads

    Hi GT fans, Seems Shelby via Denbeste is making a hemi head for the Ford Windsor engine. Check it out. ranger jim
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    sequential transaxle for GT40

    Hey guys, are there any sequential transaxles out there for GT40's at a rsonable price?