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    Taillight plug part number?

    Hi guys, I've had no luck searching for the right plug for the included taillight fixture. I know it's made to fit a 2006 Dakota, but I can't find the plug that fits the bulb holder (see pic below). Anyone been able to find it? Otherwise I've found a bunch of 3157 bulb holders with wires so...
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    Anyone using Stance Parts Air Cups?

    I've been eying this setup from Stance Parts: Link Curious if anyone has seen/used it. I have the Ramlift system installed already. It works fine, but it's a bit loud and slow even after repeated bleeding. From Youtube videos I've seen the air cups are much faster to raise and lower and...
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    FS USA QA1 7 x 650 springs (pair)

    These are the springs that came with my SLC kit. 2.5"ID, 7" long, 650 pounds, silver. Only used for mock up and some dyno runs. I needed to go with stiffer springs on mine. $50 for the pair plus shipping from 78732.
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    FS USA Graziano shift cable ends

    I have a set (with one extra) of shift cable ends (trans side). I went with spherical rod ends so not using these. Free to a good home, just pay shipping.
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    FS USA Coolant tank

    I have the coolant reservoir that came with my SLC kit (I ended up using a different tank). $20 plus shipping from 98052.
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    FS USA SLC inner door trim panels (pair) Austin, TX

    I bought these with my kit but have decided not to use them. I unwrapped one of them for pics, the other is still in original packing wrap. Free or a few beers for the pair plus shipping from 78732.
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    FS USA RCR fuel swirl pot / surge tank

    Original tank that came with my SLC from RCR. Perfect condition / never used or installed. $50 plus shipping from 98052.
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    FS USA Stock RCR SLC seats (pair)

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    FS USA LS7 exhaust flanges

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    FS USA LS7 Exhaust flanges

    Hi everyone, I have a full set (4) of factory flanges. 2 are cut from ls7 manifolds just above the flange. The other two have elbows still attached with O2 bungs, cut just before the cats. I also have the cat pipes if you want them. $150 shipped within US Lower 48 for all the flanges. Add...
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    pins for GM (olds) column?

    Hi guys, the harness that came with my kit doesn't have the column plug horn wire connected to the Infinitybox. I'm trying to figure out where I can get the right style pin to add it. Any ideas?
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    Wiring fans to both come on for AC or Engine

    Tried searching the forum with no luck :( I'm wiring both fans to come on for AC and/or engine temp. I was just going to do this by running both powercell fan outputs to a single relay that in turn powers both fans. Is this a logical approach? Any better (more simple) options? Do I need to...
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    Where to find Tillett seats?

    Where are you guys buying Tillett B5's? Tillett USA is backordered. I found a UK place that will ship pretty reasonably, but wondering if there's a better source in the USA. Thanks!
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    Graziano starter bolt size?

    Hi guys, can someone confirm what thread pitch for Graziano starter bolts? I had read here M12x1.25, but they're not threading in. Thanks!
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    Don't forget your Graziano alignment dowels

    Hi guys, Thought I'd post this since I didn't see the info in any of the Graziano install threads. There are two alignment dowels (aka pins, sleeves) required to properly align the Graz to the adapter plate. While you can install it without them, there's sufficient misalignment potential...
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    FS USA Price drop, SLC sway bars

    RCR Factory SLC sway-bars, front and rear, include end links and mounting brackets. New, never installed. Paid $995 from RCR Will sell for $800 plus shipping. Pics attached:
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    FS USA SLC Sway Bars

    I've decided to sell my sway bar kit (new, never installed). RCR Factory SLC sway-bars, front and rear, with end links and mounting brackets. Paid $995 from RCR Will sell for $950 including shipping to lower 48 US
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    Sway bar mounting / pics?

    Hi guys, Unfortunately Fran's shop doesn't have any cars with sway bars there currently so I haven't been able to get pics from them. Does anyone have pics of the mounting points they could share? I think I figured out where the bars themselves need to mount, but not clear on the end link...
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    Removing the "Chevrolet" lettering from calipers?

    Has anyone tried to remove the "Chevrolet" lettering from the standard Brembo calipers? I actually like the stock grey color on the calipers and want to keep the "Brembo" logo, but if I can't remove the Chevy lettering, I'll just get them powder coated. Thanks!
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    Mark B's Build Thread

    Since I've had the car for 6 months already I thought I'd start a build thread... It's going to be a slow process since the car is #4 behind my wife, two kids, and work, but it will get there :) First the delivery pics and making it in to my driveway designed for 4X4's :(