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    Improving the SLC gas tank

    Hey guys, I'm looking to modify my gas tank to improve scavenging performance for the primary/lift pump. I already have a really nice Radium all in one regulator/surge tank setup that works well and I'm also happy with the lift pump itself. I like the external serviceability I currently have...
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    Helmet to rollbar clearance

    What kind of clearance do you guys shoot for between your helmet and the rollbar? Is it better to be closer to the bar or farther? I'm mainly looking at the center overhead bar in the SLC at the moment. Thoughts? Good links on the subject?
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    Brake line leak

    I have a persistent leak at one of the hard line to bulk head adapter fittings in the rear. It's where the inverted flare of the hard line mates with the adapter to go to AN-3. I've got this thing cranked down as far as I dare and it still leaks a few drops a day just sitting there. Anybody have...
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    Pilot bearing engagment issue for Porsche boxes

    Hey guys, I'm running into an issue with the input shaft to pilot bearing engagement depth. I'm using the G96.50 which is identical (AFAIK) to all G50 variants in the bell housing/clutch interface measurements. So I'm sure many others have dealt with what I'm noticing here. The issue is I'm...
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    Good deal on LS7 manifolds

    Anybody looking for a set? Priced at $80 right now Brand New LS7 Exhaust Manifolds - LS1TECH
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    RCR Visit and feedback March 2013

    Just got back from an RCR pilgrimage to pick up my SLC. I took a few SLC shots if anybody is interested in seeing the state of their car, attached below. I must say my experience so far has been very smooth, car was delivered in the promised time frame and no surprises. An exciting...