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  1. Neal

    GT40 Experience using HoloLens

    We have quite a few uses for augmented reality in my field. It's changing the way we approach design, manufacturing and service. If you get a chance experience in person. HoloLens experience provides unique look at one of Ford’s most iconic cars | Stories
  2. Neal

    Mille Miglia

    It's on the to do list. Anybody done it or have guidance on logistics getting over from the states??
  3. Neal

    Australia Visit

    Hi Guys, My 21 year old nephew is taking his first trip down under. August 13-24. He's a great kid and I really want him to make the best of it. Sydney and Melbourne are the two landing points. He will be mobile. Share some local knowledge about what to see and any events that may be...
  4. Neal

    Happy Monday!

    To the BMW M6 asshat that jacked it in front of me this morning, brake checked and then flipped me off... Too bad you didn't see the unmarked state patrol car behind me! Karma!:shocked:
  5. Neal

    For Sale: GT40 New Zealand GT40 *SOLD*

    - TITLED & REGISTERED IN WASHINGTON STATE “2006 KITV Ford GT” - This is the second GT40NZ car in the US. GT40 NZ was purchased by GT40 North America in 2007. - Tube steel frame similar to KVA and GTD designs. - Dual wishbone front suspension, 4 link rear with Granada uprights, front and...
  6. Neal

    Monterey Motorsports Reunion Roll Call

    Anyone going? We'll be at Concorso Italiano on Friday, races Saturday, Pebble Sunday. The FIA group has a couple GTs. group photo? PM me.
  7. Neal

    Tornado in Seattle?!

    We'll not Seattle proper but just north of us in Monroe. A buddy of mine took this photo on the way home on Friday.
  8. Neal

    Hello from Singapore

    Dropping in for some business travel but have a bit of downtime. Anyone have recommendations for good restaurants for a business dinner Local sights?
  9. Neal

    Flight 1549 Composite Animation

    YouTube - Flight 1549 Alternate Audio, Multi-Perspective Composite Animation Amazing stuff!
  10. Neal

    Evil Twin Sighting - Part Deux

    Tom (CAV) and I (GT40NZ) representing at a local get together... That thing gotta Hemi in it?
  11. Neal

    Nascar's Brad Coleman - The Roadrunner!

    :shocked: Joe Gibbs Racing driver Brad Coleman was testing a Gibbs NASCAR Sprint Cup Series car at Toyota Arizona Proving Grounds earlier this week and came onto the radio and told his crew something rather unusual. "Guys, I hit a coyote," Coleman said. Coleman was running close to 200 mph...
  12. Neal

    1000 Posts Later...

    Never thought I'd reach the 1k mark. This forum has been a tremendous help during and after my build. It easily has some of the most technically competent individuals, fascinating history, and eclectic characters. It has grown into a true community and I can say that I've personally met a...
  13. Neal

    Met my evil twin today!

    Beautiful day in the Northwest to get together with some of my car buddies. Tom's CAV and my GT40NZ and a few of my Cobra buddies.
  14. Neal

    GT40 Body on Pantera frame

    Not mine, just passing it on... 1966 Ford GT 40 body
  15. Neal

    Caption Needed...

  16. Neal

    Find the exhaust leak!

    I've been chasing and exhaust leak. One of the header flanges moved a bit during final welding and leaks at the bottom. I started with FlePro 1415 gaskets. I decided to switch to some thicker copper gaskets from Summit. You can see how well that worked. :sad::sad: I went back to 1415s and...
  17. Neal

    Remembering a Special Friend

    Last night I received a phone call that I would not wish upon anyone. My 14 year old niece had a cardiac arrest while doing one of her favorite things, running. She passed with her family at her bedside shortly thereafter. Megan was a straight A student with a winning attitude and an extremely...
  18. Neal

    351W Oil Pan w/ Girdle Clearance

    I need a pan that will clear a stud girdle on a 351 Windsor. Any recommendations?
  19. Neal

    Guess my HP / TQ

    I'm putting together a bullet for another project and thought it might be fun to get some preliminary HP/TQ estimates. I'll give you some specs without identifying specific parts. You might need to do a bit of math... You guess the peak HP at what RPM and peak TQ at what RPM. Closest results...
  20. Neal

    Discovery Channel - Planet Earth TV Series

    This is a must see. Nature at its best. Get the HD feed if you can. rockonsmile