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    RF Website

    How is it that it is the same website that Logan used is now being used by the "NEW" RF?. In order to take over the website the new website must have had some contact with Logan. Just Wondering...Not trying to stir the pot. John
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    Car for sale

    I'm sorry I have to use the paddock for a response. I tried listing my car RF GT40 for sale and it won't let me list it in the For Sale section . I emailed twice for information with this problem with no response. So it lead me to here. I do not want to violate any forum rules so any help will...
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    LOLA question

    I don't know how to attach a ebay item but there is a Lola I'm interested in and would like some details on the car. Johan Please chime in...I know that you have history on every Lola car thanks Much!!! john
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    MY LOLA??? Would You be Pissed Off? I am!!

    After a a long 2 1/2 years wait for my car, what do you think? I want very honest anserws? Than I will reveal the names of the builders.
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    Lola pins

    Can any body help me find a company that supplies the pins that go into the rear clip ? John
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    SAAC leather bound . Should I cancel?

    Leather bound Saac Registry... SHOULD I CANCEL? Many GT40 members are also Shelby and Cobra owners and like to know if they have on order and are concerned about the new registry. I have been trying to get info regarding the Saac Registry that is coming out this year with no luck. I have on...
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    RF Hinges By Mental Performance

    I'm selling a brand new set of front and rear hinges made by Mental performance. I currently have a set on my Rf and they are fantastic!!! The extra order was for my Lola Spyder Replica. After we got under way with the build we went with original style hinges. I recommend these to all Rf...
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    RF paint help

    I Own RF115 that was built in OZ. Does anybody know what type of paint and application that was used to paint the early cars? I need to repaint my door that I chipped and am trying to get A perfect match. Thanks!!!!!!!! DOGFACE
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    Zf for sale

    Tired of looking at your car and not driving it? Im selling my ZF-2. It has been rebuilt with all the good stuff. It is ready to install with no waiting from crapp RBT. I was going to install it in my Lola but located a Hewland. I also have another ZF but still needs to be rebuilt. Accepting...