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  1. Tcollins

    RCR GT40 shifter connection to Trans

    We recently changed our trans from the RBT to a Quaife QBE62G 5-Speed. Can anyone shed some light on what is needed to hook up the RCR GT40 shifter box to this transmission? I'm assuming we need different brackets, linkage or maybe a different shifter box? Haven't been able to get ahold of...
  2. Tcollins

    O2 Sensor Location?

    We have designed and ordered all the material to fabricate the headers for the Coyote. My question is…how sensitive is the O2 sensor signal, relative to the adjacent bend? For wire routing I would really like to position them after the collector, but we have a bend an inch beyond the bung...
  3. Tcollins

    GT40 Induction system?

    The InnoV8 “8 stack” Coyote setup came with a nice, carbon turkey tray. After we installed the rear clip and cut out the opening, I was surprised how well it fit. The only modification needed is to trim ~3/4” off the tray and maybe add some sort of seal. But I noticed others with 8 stacks...
  4. Tcollins

    RCR GT40 Rear Clip Width

    Has anyone had issues with the rear clip width of a RCR40? Mine is about 1 ½” wider than the rockers where they meet. I have the alignment pins in place, but the body is too stiff to force it back into position. I started relieving the inner structure to allow more compliance but so far...
  5. Tcollins

    Fillmore’s RCR Mk1 GT40

    My name is Tim Collins. I’m building an RCR 40 for my buddy Chris Fillmore. We picked up most of the Mk1 kit, which is only a short drive across town, in October 2018. Over the next several months we procured the Coyote engine and started assembling the chassis. Then in the spring of 2019...