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    The Racing Scene with James Garner

    The Racing Scene with James Garner, David Hobbs, Sam Posey, Scooter Patrick is now available to watch. Great movie !
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    Block ID help

    My GT40s block is C5AE-6105-E apparently ... What would that translate to? Thanks...
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    Where is Ronnie Spain's updated book!

    Any news? Ronnie ?! :)
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    Superformance Roadster

    Any news on a completed one ? I heard Fran Kress had ordered one up but have not heard any news of it. I'm curious that if they are available, how much more over the cost of a mk1.
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    New Avons fitted

    Ahh Love at first drive. My car has been transformed. Love them ...
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    AVON CR6ZZ US suppliers. Still the same?

    Spring is here finally here and I'm starting to get things ready for the driving season. I am about to order a set of Avon CR6ZZs for the GTD :pepper:: 215-60-15 front 295-50-15 Rear Question: Is the US option still only Sasco on the east coast and Kraus on the west? Any recommendations...
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    Excellent Amelia Island 2013 video

    Look at this little jewel: Born of a Blue Sky on Vimeo
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    Phil Remington has passed

    Just heard the news. Rem has passed away. He is MY hero. All due respect to Carroll Shelby. This guy was hands on and made it happen. RIP Phil Remington.
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    New York bill revived. Relates to our cars

    Hope it passes...
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    Stunning steadycam video B17 and B25 over Arizona

    Hi, Check out this beautifully filmed HD video of restored WW2 bombers fying out of Falcon Field in Mesa Arizona. Beautifully shot in and around the Lake Superstition area I believe. I love the takeoff of the B17. It is unreal ! Great music as well... H5 - WWII Bombers over Arizona...
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    Running Ferari 312PB scale model. Fabulous!

    I know we've talked about this one before, but it never ceases to amaze me! Do you know this guy Paolo? Ferrari 312PB: Full Scale Model (With working engine too!) - YouTube
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    GTD side windows. Same as CAV ?

    Anyone know if CAV side windows will fit GTD cars? I'm looking to replace my current ones. Thanks,
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    Aesthetics of current sports racecars ?!

    Pictures speak for themselves. What happened?:cry:
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    Bike video. Insane lean angles

    From the IOM TT in Ireland I believe. Hold on :thumbsup: YouTube - Michael Dunlop 2009 Tandragee 100 onboard Yamaha R6
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    US replica registering information for all 50 states

    Found this useful site . Lots of good registering info, laws, etc for all 50 states: SEMA SAN - SEMA ACTION NETWORK
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    Gabrielle Giffords motorcycle rider

    I found this interesting bit indicating that shooting attack victim Giffords is a big motorcycle fan. Gabrielle Giffords, motorcyclist | Hell for Leather And she rides a BMW at that! Also heard she is on a commitee that has a positive attitude towards street rods, SEMA , etc. Sounds like she...
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    Mustang owner reunited after 60 yrs with it's owner. P51 Mustang that is.

    All, Check out this great story. Nice diversion from Tucson, deer hits, etc. Truly was the "Greatest Generation". Gray Eagles Film by Chris Woods |
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    Hydraulic clutch master for GTD. Part number?

    My hydraulic clutch master cylinder is shot. It's a Girling unit with "70" inscribed on it. Where can I get a replacement? Thanks!
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    Bruce McLaren Can Am startup tribute video

    40 Yrs on now... RIP Bruce McLaren: YouTube - A minute's noise
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    Secretariat Superhorse Kentucky Derby

    Well it's Kentucky Derby time. Time to remember one of the greatest horses or even athletes of all time, triple crown winner Secretariat . Although he is remembered most for the Belmont, my favorite is his rush from last at the Preakness Stakes. This video segment is part of an excellent...