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    Looking for gt40 lhd

    I am looking to trade my ktm xbow gt 2013 with 8000km . With lhd gt40. Rcr or cav.
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    exporting a motorcycle from the UK.

    I'm going to buy a motorcycle from the UK and Export it to Kuwait. what paperwork is needed? is it as easy as in the US where you just sign the title? help appreciated regards
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    fiberglass deformation

    picture attached . does it happen with all gt40s? i have other fiberglass cars , never seen this before .
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    rear glass replacement

    when i ordered my tornado 40 , i whent with a rear glass not acrylic. i was wrong, the glass started to crack , my question is , is it possible to cut the rear glass out of flat polycarbonate? thanks
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    how to Lowe the engine?

    I need to lower the engine 2inch in my 40 Is it safe to cut the frame on the rear? Will try to post pictures.
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    scratched plexiglas

    i washed the car 2 times only and i can see that the plexiglas is scratched a lot , is that normal or am i using a low quality plexi ? regards Abdul
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    odd noise from facet pump

    odd noise coming from the fuel pump , and the car wont start . or some times it will start for few seconds only! is it a bad pump?
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    Importing from UK

    i am thinking of buying a Ducati Paul Smart from the UK, and ship it to Kuwait . did not ship any cars or biks from the UK before , so i am going to need some one to explain to me how does it works . In the US all i had to de is pay the seller and make him sign the title for me , along with a...
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    Tornado braided brake hose

    whats the recommended brake hose length for the front and rear calipers, should i get 24" for the rear and 20" front ? thanks
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    Kuwait concours d'elegance

    some pictures from Kuwait concours d'elegance 2012 By icecube76 at 2012-02-17 By icecube76 at 2012-02-17 By icecube76 at 2012-02-17 By icecube76 at 2012-02-17 By icecube76 at 2012-02-17 By icecube76 at 2012-02-17 By icecube76 at 2012-02-17 By icecube76 at 2012-02-17 By icecube76...
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    Wealden Engineering's

    yesterday i had the opportunity to meet with Frank Catt . a very helpful person , gave me a lot of information for my ND gt40. explained every thing in details , answered all my Q's started to explain why he did it , how he did it and where to get the parts from. first rate work ,i would really...
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    Interesting facts

    If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. (Hardly seems worth it.) If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced...
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    if you live near Tennessee , i need your help

    Title says its all if you live near Tennessee , i need your help. please pm me thanks
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    toggle switch connector

    Can someone please explane to me what each connector mean? Nothing is writin except for numbers 1/2 3 4/5 6. My wiring harnes has 3 connectors for each switch.
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    Gulf # 6

    what was the size of the gulf #6 decal ?
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    aircraft identification light

    i need amber aircraft identification light .
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    un1 drive shaft adapter

    im going to by a drive shaft adapter from car builder solutions part # DSA where can i buy the cv joints from? it should be 100mm ford
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    Intatrim seat

    while searching the web for gt40 seats i found this site looks nice and reasonably priced . dimensions bit confusing ,will they fit my tornado? help appreciated. thanks
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    Does size matter ?

    i am searching for a 0.7 master cylinder, i found 2 on car builder solutions, one with Reservoir and one without. which one should i get ? does the reservoir size matter? how?
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    340-3950 - Wilwood pedal box

    now that i realized that i cant use a floor mounted pedal box in my tornado. i started looking for a top mounted box , and came across the wilwood 340-03950. but i don't know if its w'll fit the tornado chassis . i need to know the distance between the 2 pedals? it should be at least 4" or...