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  1. V Paddock GUNS thread

    Re: Paddock Politics Thread 100% correct. Yes, AR-15s have high capacity magazines, but a shotgun in an urban or enclosed environment (CQC) is far more devastating. Regarding mass shootings: The Vegas shooter could've killed far more people than he did. Tactics... It was pretty...
  2. V Paddock Politics Thread

    I’ll have to look that up. My daughter just turned six. My fab skills are fine, but I don’t have access to the equipment anymore. I used to do a lot of work on my Jeep rock crawler at the base shop when I was in the Air Force (and had time off from Combat Rescue-which wasn’t much). Now, I...
  3. V Paddock Politics Thread

    Being 6'5", (250lbs and built like a giant sequoia-not my quote, but someone here who met me at SEMA while showing the SLC some years ago) the SLC is a very tight fit for me. At least the one Ive sat in. But I believe that one is an earlier car, so it may not have had the lowered floor and...
  4. V Paddock Politics Thread

    Yet within a few words, the hate flows through you. Its why you cant be taken seriously, but only as a fool who believes in that their way is the only way. You are no different than the "alt-right". I'd expect a lot more from your generation.
  5. V Paddock Politics Thread

    You have to love these kids being blindly led into this march. They aren't seeing the tree for the forest. Its like a patient blaming their heart disease on the food they ate. They are blaming the effect, not the cause. Yes... Assault weapons are exactly that. However, the true issues aren't...
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Corvette? There’s only one that I’d love to see. And I know there’s potential....
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    H Craft GT-R

    This is easily one of the most beautiful builds of any car I’ve ever seen. What a truly incredible build. You have endless talent!!! And those dyno runs... it just sings! Just... WOW!
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    Best SUV?

    Certified Pre Owned
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    Best SUV?

    The Celica is a parts car. Land Cruisers (70s, 150s, and 200s) are Toyota’s halo SUVs. Tacoma’s and Hilux’s are their halo trucks. Lexus LS series are the pinnacle of refinement and quality. And the Prius is their cheap, techy, hybrid car. The Celica (GTS-guessing it was the last...
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    My drivetrain choice...

    I commend your engine choice. It’s nice to see all kinds of different engines used in the SLC. I’ve always thought the high revving Nissan VQ35 or VQ37 would make a great well balanced set up in the SLC. I look forward to your build!
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    Best SUV?

    Land Cruiser. Next question.
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    The Car in the Father Brown mystery/drama series

    Sorry. The first pic, from the top.
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    The Car in the Father Brown mystery/drama series

    Id love to see something like this. Fran builds the mono posto, but this is larger than that (I think). Or...
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    The Car in the Father Brown mystery/drama series

    I love those Art Deco cars. I’d love to see modernized versions of those cars built (major manufacturer or component cars). A few examples that I like:
  15. V Paddock Politics Thread

    That made me laugh. Thank you, Mr Wohlstrom.
  16. V Paddock Politics Thread

    As a matter of fact, tomorrow is shooting day for me. You know, those evil black “machine” guns??? There’s nothing like the smell of gun powder in the air, shortly followed by the musky smell of M-Pro 7 oil. Ten years of combat rescue experience here... And I haven’t watched football in like...
  17. V Paddock Politics Thread

    Keep writing your fan fiction...
  18. V Paddock Politics Thread

    That’s as far as I could get because of that last line. The hypocrisy of the left’s fake feelings for anyone but themselves is outrageous. It’s incredibly difficult to take anyone serious or believe in their points of view when they bring up the race card. Nothing to see here. Just more fake...
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    SL-C in 1:12 scale

    Sign me up. I’d buy one.