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  1. weisserheilbronn

    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Hello James, Thanks for your detailed feedback. Your build(s) is(are) very fascinating. Not just the craftmanship but also the engineering portion of it. Your always go a few extra miles..... Keep going, I look forward to see and hear her running. Markus
  2. weisserheilbronn

    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Hello James, When I saw your recent post about gear shift brackets I thought I had a Déjà-vu..... But it was not, just found an older Post!?;) Regards Markus
  3. weisserheilbronn

    CANAMSA - SA stratch build

    Maybe this helps
  4. weisserheilbronn

    SPF 2366 Build

    Hello Eric, Looks really good - you wrote that you used a "grit style hole saw" could you please post a picture of it? When I'm doing a Google search I get inconclusive results.... Thanks in advance. Markus
  5. weisserheilbronn

    Waiting for someone to play with....

    I hope to return to the Revival at some point in time - hopefully next year..... Last year I was well prepared - good tickets, even accomodations on site.... :mad: Corona really sucks!
  6. weisserheilbronn

    Crankcase ventilation

    Thanks Jac Mac and Howard, @ Jac Mac, I have to look into this - would be a winter project > it is some work > mmmhh - have to change the oil pan gasket some when soon anyway....... @ Howard, on you pic it's hard to see... you have a sealed oil cap on your oil filler hole? is it with a thread...
  7. weisserheilbronn

    Waiting for someone to play with....

    No offence intended Glenn, but maybe you're a little late? ;)
  8. weisserheilbronn

    Crankcase ventilation

    Hi Guys, I have to resurrect an old thread. In the picture you see my setup for crankcase ventilation. Certainly the breather on top of the left valve cover did not make too much sense from the beginning but it did not bother me much as there was little to non oil dripping out. However -...
  9. weisserheilbronn

    how to jack car,

    JP, all above cars are Superformance (I think) which come with "working parrots" However, there was a thread here about retrofitting on other 40's....... Markus
  10. weisserheilbronn

    Bryan's RCR40

    Brian, I see you have the setup for external clutch operation. Could you post some detailed pictures of the parts and how they are installed (bearings in the gearbox housing, clutch release bearing, etc.)? I have the internal setup but plan on switching back when the next leak occurs...
  11. weisserheilbronn

    SouthernGT No6

    Nick, could you please share some details about your sun visors? How did you attach to the roof? Are the visors itself homemade or did you purchase them (Source)? Thanks Markus
  12. weisserheilbronn

    Superlite SLC Seats For Sale
  13. weisserheilbronn

    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    Brian, Randy, Larry, Thanks for your reply, I appreciate getting back with me. Markus
  14. weisserheilbronn

    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    Brian, Randy, Unfortunately I have also a case of breast cancer in the family, do you know by chance if there is a preferred vaccine for cancer patients? Or do you have any related information like any links to Information on the web etc.? Thanks in advance Markus
  15. weisserheilbronn

    Chuck and Ryan's RCR Build

    Chuck, This is a great idea - why didn't I think of that? However, to further improve your idea - you should place the weights on the inside of the tire > by doing this your distance increases and you can use smaller weights. A positive side effect would be that the weights can't fly off which...
  16. weisserheilbronn

    GT40, clutch dragging severely or not completely engaging

    Jamie, you need to search the forum - there is information available..... Due to the fact that I had htob issues myself I remember too well........
  17. weisserheilbronn

    GT40 MK3 Luggage box
  18. weisserheilbronn

    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    I agree to this..... During my 3 year apprenticeship we used to have frequent chuck wrench wide throwing contests until that one day..... when the perfectly accelerated chuck wrench flew off the lathe in the perfect angle and left the building through the closed window only to land directly in...
  19. weisserheilbronn

    Original Rubber Drive Couplings (Donuts)

    Interesting project.... Do you have any supporting struture inside the molded rubber? In a former job I was in contact with flexible couplings - the used to have fiber bundles inside. Regards Markus