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  1. Howard Jones

    Shop tools

    Bang for your buck. Make some of these wheel roll arounds and get a disk sander and a sawzall and one of these low-profile jacks. This jack is the only jack that is less than 3 inch ground clearance (2 3/4). There are many sellers under their own name but they are all the same...
  2. Howard Jones

    Pontiac 400 engine

    It's your what you want. It is however a FORD GT40
  3. Howard Jones

    Engine dies when clutch operated.

    Take the belt off and see what happens. Simple troubleshooting step. Could be the alternator, waterpump, AC pump. You'll know in seconds. Do not run longer than necessary. If the crank is being loaded because the pilot bearing, clutch, throwout bearing, clutch arm etc. is mismatched/ misaligned...
  4. Howard Jones

    Electric water pump and digital controller question

    The "highest point" reference is related to the air in the system having the highest point possible to bleed to. Here we are talking about the air pocket in the top of the expansion tank, where all the return bleed lines are being routed, as being located as high as possible above the water...
  5. Howard Jones

    Electric water pump and digital controller question

    Everything you ever wanted to know about cooling systems. I am pretty sure you want the hose that comes from the cooling system to the inlet of the expansion tank to be attached to the lowest PRESSURE point in the system. This...
  6. Howard Jones

    Rear Suspension Travel

    Yes, I ended up with very little return (lip) on front and back. Start with 1/4 to 3/8 inch and see how it all fits. Then you can remove a bit more if you have to. I think you will but this depends on wheels and tire choice somewhat. I have 18 and 19 inch C6 corvette wheels with 285/30/18 and...
  7. Howard Jones

    Rear Suspension Travel

    The suspension setup on an SLC is more complicated than one simple measurement. The entire process needs to address two things. 1. Clearance of body panels to tires throughout wheel travel: You can help yourself quite a bit by cutting the wheel arch returns down to about 1/4 inch through the...
  8. Howard Jones

    small leak in coolant system

    If I was doing this I think I would apply a small amount of RTV to the small area that had the "tiny remnant" spot and put the hose back on, tighten it down and see if that fixed it. Don't use a lot of RTV just attempt to seal the tiny spot. Too much RTV can make it be hard to remove the hose...
  9. Howard Jones

    Show us your GT40!

  10. Howard Jones

    Show us your GT40!

    At Willow Springs Calif, Fernley Nv. In front of the house with some friends, Merry Chrismas and at home in Texas
  11. Howard Jones

    Want to stop a telemarketer from calling? Here’s how

    Do you get extended warranty calls for your car? Something like " your warranty on your car is about to run out bla bla bla press 1 to get information. Press 1 and when the young lady comes on the line ask for which car and she will tell you. Then you say..............Oh............... that...
  12. Howard Jones

    Show us your GT40!

    Betty is the eses.
  13. Howard Jones

    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    Hummm......................good idea from a stuck throttle safety perspective but I think it would be a nuisance unless I got used to it. Maybe I could add one that I can remove if I don't like it. One problem for me is to get the peddle assembly out to do it is kinda a job best left for...
  14. Howard Jones

    Starter Motor Post Mortem

    If we call the primary solenoid the one mounted on the starter and the second one the other one. Then if you locate the other one very close to the battery............. Like Randy says. "is that you don’t have a hot positive cable snaking its way through the engine compartment to the starter...
  15. Howard Jones

    LBC Build Log - Apex

    I would build down to it from above with a section of closed-cell foam that is covered with fiberglass. The foam is designed to adhere to fiberglass and is very lightweight for its volume. Once you have a close fit to the body you can seal it with one-sided sticky flexible foam tape. While you...
  16. Howard Jones

    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    While you're in there could you take a good picture of the toe loop on the throttle peddle? That looks like something I might want to copy.
  17. Howard Jones

    Electric water pump and digital controller question

    I think the water pump modification is a good idea and if I was retrofitting an existing installation with an engine with a mechanical pump to an electric one I would more than likely do the same thing. Especially if the existing setup had a complicated serpentine drive belt setup where you...
  18. Howard Jones

    Door sealing issues at high speed? Design flaw?

    "full side windows so I would guess the interior is pressurizing at high speed." Mind did it too until I added big wave-by holes in the side windows, then it went completely away.
  19. Howard Jones

    Crankcase ventilation

  20. Howard Jones

    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    I did have an issue at COTA last time that I believed was an alternator mount cracking. It was not my mount that I made but the alternator itself. Here's what I found when I took things apart. I think that using an adjustable tension arm made from two L/R rod ends and a length of tubing may have...