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    would this engine work

    Anyone looked at the new coyote 5L crate engine from Ford for there GT40?
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    GT40 Print for sale

    Here is the print being offered, taken from my original oil painting. Size is...24"x40" pricing is $150.00 ltd. edition of 123. Get it... Le Mans 1st 2nd 3rd
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    tire sizes

    What are the recommended tire sizes for 17"wheels on a 40?
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    velocity stack filters

    Anyone come across those cool looking velocity stack domed screens? I am looking for four for my Dellorto45's
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    Anyone know of a company producing the MK3 road car?
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    Original oils, commissions of your GT40

    I am taking orders from anyone looking to have an original oil painting done of there car. You can see one of my pieces at Page Title I am hoping to fund a gt40 for myself, so line up folks and help out a gt40 nut.
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    filter screens for carbs

    I REMEMBER SEEING A THREAD ABOUT GUYS WANTING TO ADD SCREENS TO THERE VELOCITY STACKS. I FOUND THIS ON E-BAY IF IT HELPS... eBay Motors: Porsche 911,914 ,Lotus,BMW Velocity stack Filters (item 150179195271 end time Nov-11-07 14:34:47 PST)
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    Gulf colors baseball cap

    Anyone have a source for a baseball cap in the gulf livery?
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    KVA Found on ebay

    Anyone seen this auction? eBay Motors: Replica/Kit Makes : Ford GT 40 Mark III (item 170106925512 end time May-05-07 18:00:16 PDT)
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    My Latest Painting For Sale

    Here is my latest oil painting. It measures 24"x48", oil on canvas. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested in this piece or if you have something in mind that you would like to commission me to execute for you.
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    Latest painting

    I have just finished my latest oil painting. If anyone is interested in having a look it is posted in my profile. It measures 24"x48" on canvas
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    Gt40 pics.

    Does anyone have good high res. shots of either a replica or original Gulf car. I am wanting to do a painting of it and need good reference material. Preferably a front view.
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    Merry Christmas to everyone in the forum.
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    Alternate trans.

    Has anyone considered the SM transaxle from the Lotus esprit? My 1977 series one trans. is the Citroen SM. After speaking with Harry Martins in the Netherlands (who rebuilds to new specs) quote from Harry "I've heard from people using the same gearbox in race cars with more than 350 hp" His...
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    What's the difference?

    I have been checking out lots of car builders and have found about the same amount of differences in the cost of the GT40's. What makes one company that much more than the next? Is it in the materials used, the engineering?
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    Input re: TTR

    Anyone had dealings with Turn Ten Racing? I am looking at there cars and wanted to see if anyone has good/bad luck with them.
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    engine choices

    Is anyone using the 289 in the cars? I figure for a summer car this engine would be enough power for the car.I doubt I will want it on the track.