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    Mark I Gulf Livery Specs and Details

    So with regards to the gulf cars do the stickers go under the lacquer are over what’s your thoughts guys it’s a first time for us
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    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    exceptional job james and alistair ,thankyou for taking the time to share with us all it is very much appreciated
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    Shift linkage nut, ZF

    Well spotted that man, and turn it round putting the bolt in from the top so you don’t lose it if the nut dose happen to drop off if possible
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    Renault UN1 output shaft issue

    My feeling on this is as long as the seal is running on a suitable surface things will be fine
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    Hartwell Latches

    Sorry I was talking about the chips cad being Curry And Double whisky ,it’s a northern humour thing
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    Hartwell Latches

    No good if there not cad plated hope your aware of that process mr mac
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    Southern GT #28

    Clean all your chassis mount Suspension holes out before you put the aluminium panelling on it’s a pain to do after
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    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    Just had mine Pfizer jab a week ago
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    No problem Walt there are plans, parts, wheels, and all the information you need depending on your skill set Are your best mate skill set I’m sure you can put something together Regards Mark
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    You may want to have a look at house/work on u tube
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    Hi everyone! New guy here

    Welcome you are amongst friends from all over the world regards mark
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  13. Hartwell


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    302 teardown and rebuild UK

    sorry to sound stupid but why 289 rods . regards mark
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    Southern GT #48

    You find it very difficult to form without causing surface tension,you will nearly always end up with a pant or two mainly shrinking will do the job
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    Southern GT #48

    Your going to struggle without a shrinker /stretcher eddy
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    Heart Rate fun

    Have done it in my cobra and now looking forward to doing the same in the 40 with my son ,extra special
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    Heart Rate fun

    Then do 180 down the mullsan straight in the dark !!! Wow
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    Mkii Three hole panel??

    Is that your tarton observation platform in the background james
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    FS USA Stewart Warner SW-240A fuel pumps and parts ((SOLD))

    Hi randy would love to buy the pumps do you think it would be possible the post to the uk without to much trouble regards mark