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  1. Ron Scarboro

    Speedometer Correction

    All, I have a Smiths mechanical speedometer. It is off a mile. From indicated you need to multiply by 73%. 100mph indicated is actually 73mph, 60mph indicated is actually 44mph, etc. The odometer is off by the same %. Has anyone had luck with the ratio adapters? Is there another solution...
  2. Ron Scarboro

    Tool Roll / Kit

    Was there a tool roll if kit that was delivered with road cars? I’ve searched around and cannot find ant info. Thanks, Ron
  3. Ron Scarboro

    Shelby American Collection

    Thought I'd post these up. Was in Boulder over the weekend. Enjoy, Ron
  4. Ron Scarboro

    Hallibrand style wheels & Headlights

    Standard wheels for a Superformance. Tires included 15X8 3.625” backspace 215-65 tire 15X10 3.625” backspace 295-50 tire 6 pin $1,300 + shipping In Raleigh NC if you want to pick up Spinners can be included for $200 more Headlights are $50 for the pair. Came with the car, bulbs included but...
  5. Ron Scarboro

    Superformance Alternator Help

    The wiring harness for a Superformance is designed for a one-wire alternator. The wiring diagram calls for a Powermaster 8462. The implementation would be as follows. Red wire to Battery Blue wire to the Idiot light Black wire to Ignition I’m attempting to put a period piece in with a...
  6. Ron Scarboro

    Superformance FIA - Cobra For Sale ***SOLD***

    All, I know this is a GT40 forum, but... Superformance FIA Cobra with approximately 500 miles. Assembly was done by Dennis Olthoff. Body - - Viking Blue w/White FIA nose Strip and 3 White Roundels - Fiberglass body over original type Trojero frame - FIA Trunk with dimples - Bungee cord...
  7. Ron Scarboro

    Spf 2317

    All, I guess it is time to out myself. As I've learned more and more about the cars (owning CAV170) I started to fall in love with the look of the early cars and wanted more originality (RHD, narrow tail, etc). After selling my CAV I purchased a SPF Chassis. It has shipped and will...
  8. Ron Scarboro

    CAV170 1076 Gulf Livery - For Sale *SOLD*

    CAV #170 in 1076 1969 Sebring livery (I have and can mount remaining decals for Sebring including numbers). Because the car is LHD I reversed the livery, so Number decal on rear and bomber light are on the drivers side instead of the passenger side. Body & Livery - - Correct light and dark...
  9. Ron Scarboro

    Original Road Car Engine specifications

    Is there a resource that would outline the parts included in a GT40 road motor if I were going to try closely replicate the original specifications? It was listed in Ronnie Spain's book at 380bhp for a 289ci in a Mark I I'm looking for Cam specs Head specs Alternator parts numbers Etc... I've...
  10. Ron Scarboro

    Vintage Mustang Build 1967-70

    Hello, Jay, a friend of mine and I were discussing a vintage mustang build from a dynacorn shell (over a beer or 12). He and I were noodling how many man hours would be in such a project with the facts below: Reasonably experienced mechanic Paint and exterior panel fitment performed by an...
  11. Ron Scarboro

    I bought a friend....

    My CAV is done, been done, just hung up with NCDOT on getting a title. Honestly, it is my crazy schedule that has caused most of the delays. However, I've always wanted a Cobra and pulled the trigger some months ago. Now the CAV will have friend to keep it company. I though I'd post some...
  12. Ron Scarboro

    FS: Kennedy Bellhousing

    I have a Kennedy Bellhousing for sale. It is a 4 1/2 in aluminum bellhousing that will mate a SBF to a ZF/RBT Transmission. Johann said it would work for a Pantera in addition to a GT40. I ran into some clearance issues with my CAV and had to put a quicktime in the car. Pic shows mounted to...
  13. Ron Scarboro

    Forum searches

    Stupid question, but how do I search for all terms. For example: Superformance GT40 408 - returns results that contain any of the terms How do I filter to contains all those terms?
  14. Ron Scarboro

    Safir Cars

    Does SAFIR have a web presence? I've never been able to find anything. Do they build cars? I thought that was Superformance. Parts?
  15. Ron Scarboro

    Haynes Manual Translation

    Apologies if this is a repost. Lifted this from a Stratos forum, but helpful for any do it yourselfer. An invaluable help when trying to decipher some of the Technical Jargon. :thumbsup: Haynes manual What a Haynes manual is really trying to say!! Haynes: Rotate anticlockwise...
  16. Ron Scarboro

    Identification Light - "Bomber" Light

    A number of Gulf cars had a large light (about the size of the rear tail lights) that came off a Lancaster bomber (so I was told). Is there a source for these lights?
  17. Ron Scarboro

    Assembly of CAV #170

    I chose to call this an "assembly" because I'm just not making the build commitment that many in this section do. I'm in awe of the ingenuity and persistence of some of the people on this thread. Although I have the tools and know how to build a car, I learned my lesson with a 1967 Triumph...
  18. Ron Scarboro


    Introducing myself as I'm considering a CAV GT. Figured I'd stalked long enough without an introduction. Regards, Ron