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  1. Howard Jones

    New track tire from Continental coming soon

    See here: This might be perfect for a once-a-year (maybe two...
  2. Howard Jones

    Frankenferrari V12 308

    I ran across this on Grassroots Motorsports. This guy is in the same league as Project Binky. Mid-engined transversely located V12, (2 valve head block modified to accept 4 valve heads), fitted to the original 308 transmission with years of mill work) And lots of sawsall use on Ferrari pieces...
  3. Howard Jones

    Install your transaxle alone with one hand...............ya really!

    You gotta have one of these. Wrestling with a gearbox is a pain in the ass, especially when you get a little...........experienced and don't have any help. NOT NOW BABY!!!!! Goes right on so easy you would call it fun! I made it with some leftovers but something similar could be done without a...
  4. Howard Jones

    The F#@&ing things on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Got your attention? I hope so! PUT A FIRE SYSTEM IN YOUR CAR!!! It only cost a few hundred dollars and it will save a $100K worth of car! You don't want to be the guy standing on the side of the highway waving his arms and running around in circles while his $100,000 fiberglass cars burns to...
  5. Howard Jones

    Roll over cobra incar video, non fatal

    Willow springs a few years ago. complete miracle. Landed on it feet at least 4 times. I was there but didn't see the crash. After looking at the car and pieces it looked like the driver side lower rear a arm came off under max load.
  6. Howard Jones

    Alinement rig for home DYI

    I have been doing my alinements off of 4 jack stands and a bunch of string and while it will eventually work, it is a LOT of time consuming re measuring. I have seen similar home made setups as well as commercially available ones so I decided to make one. All of the ones you can buy will in the...
  7. Howard Jones

    Glickenhaus is at it again!

    Check out the new car.
  8. Howard Jones

    Jim hall interview. Fantastic!

    Very interesting, nearly current, great interview.
  9. Howard Jones

    SLC body part rack

    I finally did it and made a rack for the front and rear clips. Less than a 100 bucks all in. I should have done this years ago...…………………….. Note: For others at the beginning of the build, make one of these out of wood right away.
  10. Howard Jones

    Scarf and Goggles

    Here's a good pre war land speed record video. They make um BIG in those days! Another more modern car...…………..
  11. Howard Jones

    How long until we can get back to the track?

    I guess this is really several questions, isn't it. How many tracks will there be after all this financial carnage is over. How many of the car owners will be able to afford either the time or money to take up the hobby right away? I a bit worried about this. I should say that all of this is...
  12. Howard Jones

    FS USA SLC radiator

    I have a used radiator from my SLC that I don't need anymore. It is in Very good to nearly new condition. It has been modified to move the driver side coolant port to the top. Oher wise it is in as designed condition. It does not leak, been bent, or have any other damage. It does having been run...
  13. Howard Jones

    U tube video

    How long of a Utube video can I post?
  14. Howard Jones

    LED headlights

    Check this out, comments?
  15. Howard Jones

    Laguna Seca: SCAMP removed from management by county of Monterey Could this be the end?
  16. Howard Jones

    0-2920-0 MPH in 400 seconds

    Watch this!
  17. Howard Jones

    Jet powered road race car.

    Ya really!
  18. Howard Jones

    Brake Judder!!! What is it? Why does it happen?

    I have had a ongoing vibration in the front of my SLC. I am beginning to believe that it is related to changing brake pad materials. More on that as I get into this but does anyone has any experience with this. Especially those of you with track experience? My symptoms: 1. Car feels completely...
  19. Howard Jones

    Fastest car ever at LeMans ? I also found this at one of my favorite websites: