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    Holley Problems

    I have a new Holley 4150 on my GT40. The engine was acting up like the jets were fouled. When I cracked open the carb the plating on the inside of the bowls was pealing off like a bad paint job and the metal underneath was oxidizing and filling the bowl with sand like oxide. It is well out of...
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    I just bought a Factory Five GTM kit off of eBay. I guess I will get a first hand comparison of the handling of my RCR40 and a GTM. I either need to buy a new garage to go with the kit or I will be selling a nice Factory Five Cobra soon.
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    Access Hole for Front Suspension

    I am considering adding two access holes to get at the front lower control arm bolts. The holes would make removal of the bolts for the lower arms much easier. The holes would be a little over 1 inch to clear a 15/16 socket. The proposed location for the holes is indicated in blue on the...
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    Wilwood Brake Pads

    I am overwhelmed with the selection of brake pad compounds for Wilwood. My RCR40 is going to be a street car. It will be driven hard but seldom if ever raced. What are your thoughts on the best compound for street use? It looks like I can choose between A, B, E, H, Q, BP-10, and BP-20.
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    Repairable CAV

    eBay Motors: Replica/Kit Makes (item 120129325865 end time Jun-16-07 15:51:13 PDT)
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    Audi 016 Part Needed

    Does anyone have a basket case 016 transaxle they would sell parts off of. I need one of the threaded bushings off the transaxle that one of the detents rides in? Either of the circled parts in the picture below will do:
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    Audi R8 Sighting

    I spotted an Audi R8 on I75 today north of Knoxville. It is a pretty nice looking car. I don't imagine that there are many on the road yet.
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    I wish it were a photoshop

    Is this the most god awful thing ever to roll on 4 wheels. I wish it was just some awful photoshop but I do believe that it is real.
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    Jonathans RCR 40 Build

    Time for me to start a build page. My car arrived yesterday at about 4:00. The quality of the body is outstanding. The part lines are tiny and the panel alignment is dead on. The chassis and frame are works of art. Here are some photos of my GT40 in its new home:
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    My GT40

    Fran just finished building my RCR GT40 kit. Right now it is on its way to the London Ohio car show to be used as a display car for RCRs shop. Then next week it is going to be delivered to me. Here is a web page with pictures of it:
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    Interesting Lola on Ebay
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    Pulled the Trigger

    I just ordered a RF40 kit today. I stopped by to see Jerry Jansig a couple of weeks ago. He very graciously ran me all over town to look at his car, a Mark II that hasn't been completed, and Phil's car and even bought lunch. It was great to see the cars in person. The kits look very well...