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    DOT Approved - Street Legal Harness

    Has anyone got any thoughts on a suitable harness that could pass Vehicle Inspection.? In Australia they must also have an ELR - Emergency Locking Retractor.
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    LUCAS 2FRP Headlights - FORD Escort Mk-1

    I have been searching for ages now, for headlights to suit my Tornado GT40. LUCAS Style 2FRP, found in the Ford Escort Mark-1 series and others. Sometime ago, I did purchase some second-hand units which where fine for using to cut out the fibreglass, but the reflectors were badly corroded and...
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    English Tornado build in Australia

    I recently purchased an old Tornado "unfinished" project from an English guy who started the project in 1999.!!! He got most of the aluminium panel work done and fitted the "spider", plus front and rear clips. The steering rack was fitted along with front Upper & Lower Control arms. The...