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    Rules in OZ are the mirrors must be adjustable from the drivers seat. I did have Toyota mirrors on for engineering when it went through the RTA, they where electric but also ugly. I put some s/steel bullet mirrors on ,none adjustable. The drivers mirror is simply put your arm out the...
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    I have been doing a race series called the Nulon Nationals and they asked to do something. I thought yeh an interview is fine but this is what they did. They did an awesome job.
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    Need help from one of the admins. I tried uploading but I keep getting a message you need a security token. Can someone help. Jim
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    How to

    Does the how to forum still exist. Someone is asking about the collector article I did years ago. Jim
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    GT40 Rock Star

    For some time A photographer/motor writer called Matt Everington chased me to do an article and shoot on my car. We finally caught up and got it done, He did a fantastic job I want to share his work. I recon he nailed the history the car and the build. Speed Nation - Live Fast. Live Free...
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    Close call in the 40

    I have no shame so heres a link to a loose I had on cold tyres a few weeks ago. Cars fine, just put the wheel alignment out a tad. Jim
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    Ozi 206 sp

    Will call this thread Ozi 206 to distinguish between mine and Axels. Several years ago I hunted out info on the 206 but then had a change of heart because I have a thing for the P4. Over time I have tracked the 40 more and came to the conclusion the 206 would suit me better, more nimble...
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    Nulon nationals

    Got invited to this event to be part of the Ford team. It was a lot of fun. I was the only old school guy there. Jim
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    I did say I would some outside shots up. These are ones that I took ,I will put some others up that a mate took later. I am guessing his will be better. I didnt want garden shots for this car I wanted the dirty back alley thing happening Jim
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    O1E oil level

    Just a point of interest. I have had the trans out to do some repairs, I have always overfilled the oil because the eng tilts down at the front and 5-6th will not get oil if filled by just using the plug. While I had it on the stand its angle was at what I would expect when it is fitted in an...
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    condensation in d/sump tank

    While doing the body on my 40 I had to move it in and out a lot and got water in the dry sump tank. I drained it and have had a few good runs in it and a track day but still I have been moving it in and out on a daily basis. I am still seeing water droplets, they are clear not coolant , no...
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    Shades of grey

    Had a track day with my son. We had to shoe horn him in. Weather was not the best. I damaged the front nose putting it on the trailer. I got on top of some water at the end of the straight and had an off into the trap. In all a perfect day. Someone sent me these I thought they where...
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    Full body mk1

    For sale Would suit someone doing a scratch build mk1 body double skined roof Has front rear screens fitted (glass) Headlamp covers, light box covers,door pockets. No hinges, no lights, no locks or handles. Will require filling of holes ect to suit your application. White patches in...
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    O1E 2nd gear syncro

    Question for the transmission guys that roam the forum. I have an O1E in my 40. Today I gave it a squirt in 2nd then had trouble getting out of gear. After a few tugs it released but would not go into 2nd or 1st so I drove back to the shop in 3rd and 4th. Checked it out and pulled the box...
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    Turbo bike

    Few guys with bikes on this site ,thought you would like this. The guy who tuned my 40 is a good friend , he tuned this last week and sent me a link, I have also pasted his message. He is out of picture on a lap top. Jim, As mentioned here is the youtube link to the turbo bike that I tuned...
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    Headlamp covers

    Had to make new covers for the headlamps because the hole spacings didnt suit me for the alloy body. I had not done this before but was not that hard, thought I would put it up as it may help others. I decided on PVC as it is easier to play with ,less brittle and has moderate UV stability...
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    check it out - streetfighter GT40

    A friend and I were toying with some ideas for my car. We tossed around the rugged warts and all body as is no filler. Sand it up and scotch bright in the roundels, stripes and even decals. Old street fighter look from 1966. Jim
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    Dont laugh.

    It states miscellaneous hobby's ,So I will step outside the square for a car site. I was ratting through photos of intake manifolds that I had made over the years and found this. It was a few years back, I made it out of 1.6mm sheet alloy. It is about 30 pieces welded and file finished...
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    posting pics

    I posted 4-5 pics in the vid pic forum, at that point it would not load and a window appeared stating that a security token was missing and contact a moderator. I cleared the browser history and cookies,rebooted but it is still the same. I have posted a few pics on another forum since with...