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    Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale - *SOLD*

    It's been quite a while since I've been on the forum, and sad to return for this reason, but it's time for my little project to find a good home. Keeping it simple: Right-hand drive 1965 replica manufactured by Roaring Forties in Australia in 2002. Arrived in US as kit around May 2002...
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    DC&O Vacuum

    I know Ross has one, curious to know what anybody has their DC&O set at. I have all the cylinders set at 4 pounds (using a synchrometer) except that 3 and 5 are at 10. For some reason they seem to act like 'master' seetings with the others acting as slaves. I'm getting a bit of backfire on...
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    fuse panel relays

    Anyone know what relays go with what circuits? The blade fuses are labeled, but not the relays; nor can I find a 'map' of the relays in the electrical manual. I can't seem to get my radiator fans nor the speedo/tach to work, thinking electrical. Any help would be great.
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    Fuse Panel

    Anybody know what the circled two pin connector goes to? It comes off the same multipin harness that drops to one cround connection, but for the life of me I can't see that this two pin connector attaches to anything.
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    016 Clutch Bearing

    Just in case anyone else got the clutch bearing from RF like I did, and has the 016 gearbox, the correct bearing number is 088-141-165A, not 091-141-165B. The 091 is too tall. I've included a picture the new (wrong) bearing as supplied by RF as compared to the old (correct, replaced with new...
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    Shift Linkage

    Anyone with a right-hand drive car able to provide a picture of the linkage arrangement at the 016 box? I have gotten my selector shaft modified and am ready to drop in the gearbox this weekend. A picture would be great.
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    seat belt mount

    I have welded a plate the same thickness as the end piece on the harness to the head of a grade 8 bolt. I am confident about my weld, however, I wonder if I need to normalize the bolt from the weld effects. I will be using aircraft quality bolts to mount harness to the plate, and then bolt it...
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    I got camber roughed in over the weekend, but have a question about toe. If toe is set to 3mm, is that per side or total?
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    Kit Car Mag

    Anybody else see the article about Hershal? Or has this been addressed elsewhere? Rolf got a blip, too.
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    Gear Change Linkage

    Page131 of the manual shows two horizontal rods and brackets (pictures 2.4.2 and 2.4.3) running fore and aft. There is also a rod running across the top of the gearbox. Does anyone know if these are included with the kit, or whether they were supposed to be with the gearbox? I can't seem to...
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    Lola T70

    Autosport is reporting in the 29 December issue that Lola will build a new run of the T70 Mk3B for the Classic Endurance Series. They will have full FIA papers; supposed to be launced at the Autosport show (January, I think?).
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    One from my home state

    Seen this? Bumper Dumper
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    Cam Synchro for Motec

    Does anyone know the Ford or Motorcraft part number for the two pin stator as opposed to the three pin stator? I have twice now gotten the three pin stator cap, Ford part number F58Z-12A112-AA, Motorcraft part number DU-57. This is a three pin stator cap that does not mate to the Motec two pin...
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    Gearbox Mount

    I spoke with Robert last night (my time), and I think I have the gearbox mount configured correctly, but would like a second opinion. I suppose I should add that it is the Audi 016 3U box using all the supplied RF hardware. I think I will have to mill out some of the mounting holes as it looks...
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    Engine Balance

    I thought I'd ask the question here since the flywheel is from RF. The damper is from Ford for a 96 302 using a crank trigger, as above, the flywheel from RF. To my untrained eye, the flywheel looks to be zero balanced. That is what my engine guru said also. Now the damper looks to be not...
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    shifter boot

    I've looked at a couple of shifter boots and parking brake boots, but have not found a good shifter boot. Parking brake maybe. Anyone have any helpful hints?
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    For a fun time...

    The folks at the Annuals of Improbable Research have loads of stuff that makes good reading: There are also some nice studies of whether or not Kansas is actually as flat as a pancake. Enjoy.
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    fuse panel wires

    Does anyone know what these two wires connect to? Any help would be appreciated!
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    Transmission Paint

    HAs anyone every used this titanium paint from Eastwoods on their transmission? It has the look I want, just not sure whether 300F is too low of a maximum temp.
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    Door weatherstrip trim

    Anyone got a close picture of how they handled the weatherstriping that goes along the top of the sill over the fuel tank? Would you be willing to share this picture?