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    Electric SLC: Which for You: Batteries or Supercapacitors?

    People have been interested in electric SLC's for a decade. Some on this board have actual experience installing electric drivetrains in vehicles. Fran has experienced in electric SLC conversions. Batteries have been the traditional source of electricity. And now supercapacitors have come...
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    Mid-Engine Corvette help for SLC?

    Road & Track magazine has pointed out a new way GM has for cooling its mid-engine Corvette: an "engine hood". The article says, "The application explains that that this hatch cover–described as an engine hood–can combine a back glass panel with a supportive frame that can enable improved...
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    Look Down, Look Down that Lonesome Road

    "Look down, look down that lonesome road, Before you travel on" 1. This is NOT against Fran. I have NOTHING against Fran. Fran is a great guy and has helped me a lot. This is about us. And this is about the writer of this article. Your Experience With a Kit Car Might Not Be a Nightmare...
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    48 Volt Systems Coming: What Do We Need to Do?

    The engines we install in our Superlight cars are more and more coming equipped with 48 volt electrical systems. When we install an engine with a 48 volt electrical system into our Superlight cars, what will we need to change? What changes will be beyond the owner/builders, and need to be from...
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    Faster, Cheaper, Better Way

    Fran, James Glickenhaus, and all component car builders: The Oak Ridge National Laboratory has shown it is really possible to rapidly, very much more relatively cheaply, and efficiently print out cars. Six weeks from idea to printed car. All RCR, Superlight and SCG003 cars can be produced much...
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    Help in Building your LMP1!

    Aalborg University (Denmark) and Aquila Racing Cars have worked together to produce a paper on how to build an optimised LMP1. Here is the link to the paper. If anyone needs it, I hope it...
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    Engineering an SL-C cutaway?

    The SL-C is a marvel. SL-C builders continually amaze me at all the SL-C's they make and all the wonderful personalizations they do. Too much of the marvel of the SL-C is hidden beneath that stunning body. Technically, what would it take to make a cutaway version of the SL-C? Les Nordman
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    Getting Rid of Windshield Wipers

    This is a serious post. If you could make your SLC lighter simpler more reliable have better aerodynamics faster would that interest you? Would you like that? Then how about us get rid of our windshield wipers? Did you ever see the scene in Steve McQueen's film Le Mans, where Steve is...
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    Super Light Cars in Canada?

    I just saw this in What???? Huh? Wha??? Huh??? "A new Canadian kit car manufacturer, Dubuc Super Light Cars (SLC), has unveiled the Tomahawk, a lightweight, mid-engine kit car that's promised to weigh under 2,000 pounds. The Tomahawk will debut at the Montreal International...
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    Can Advanced Aero Research Tool Help SLC, LMP?

    Mesa, this is a serious post, from The New Scientist. Here is an article and a representative photo of an advanced means of studying, in even greater detail, the aerodynamics of, yes, an airplane. But this method, along with conventional wind tunnel testing and computation fluid dynamics (CFD)...
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    New, Cheap Engine for LMP/SLC

    Audi has announced they will sell low-cost LMP1 engines to customers. The DTM V8 engine from Audi is to be used in the LMP1 Image © and courtesy of Audi The new engines are based on Audi's DTM engines, so they are already well-tested, proven, reliable, and inexpensive. Great new choice for...
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    A Better Way to Insulate the Passenger Compartment from Heat

    I have searched the Superlite forum, and could find no reference to this, so I have decided to put it here. If it should go in a different place, moderators, please, you can move it. Since the beginning of the SLC, heat has been a problem. Quotes edited by me for clarity. Here is something...
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    What modifications needed for a Diesel or an LNG-fueled SL-C?

    Yes, Fran, I know that the answer is: "Bring the money and you can do anything you want." Now that we have that out of the way, what kinds of modifications to the SLC would be necessary to install a small diesel engine or an engine fueled by LNG? (Sample small diesel engine Audi twin turbo...
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    "October Baby" Great Movie! :-)

    Yesterday my family and I saw the film "October Baby." It is a really, really good film. I recommend everyone go see it. The performances are uniformly good, the writing is good, the direction is solid. And the kicker at the end of the film--WOW! The only thing is: to find out what the...
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    Re: A Real Ford GT Roadster

    My heart just skipped 2.5 beats. A few minutes ago, I came home: my wife had just left for her work. On my computer monitor, a page of was left on. It was of a Real Ford GT Roadster: My mind whirled: my wife doesn't like cars. She doesn't know anything about classic...
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    Suggestion: Improve SL-C Aerodynamics

    So, how about the next step in the Superlight SL-C's development? Let's make it in aerodynamics. Present State of SL-C Aerodynamics Right now, we put a large wing on the back of the SL-C. Photo c and courtesy of RCR/Superlight That gives us downforce, but it also adds a lot of drag. It...
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    The 24 Hours of Nurburging . . . ?

    Hmmm . . . . Just wondering . . . What if? vs. (This is Mr. Glickenhaus' P4/5 Competizione, by the way) at the 24 Hours of Nurburging? That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it? Bassanio et Portia :-)
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    Could You Guys Help My wife's School Out?

    My wife works at Innovation Institute in Duncanville, TX (a tad south of Dallas), a school for wheel chair people (YouTube - ‪IF We Can Help - Innovation Institute - Helping & Training Handicapped People In Wheelchairs‬‏). Innovation Institute teaches people in wheelchairs to work in...
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    All-Wheel Drive Superlite Coupe?

    You know, the Audi R8 Lamborghini Gallardo Porsche 959 Nissan GT-R all do very well with all-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is a good way to control mondo horsepower, which everyone on this board seems to love. :heart: Moi? In love with horespower? But of course! :-) I have read on this...
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    Help Please--917 Engine Fan Info

    Sorry, gents, but I must ask you. I cannot find the answers myself for I have misplaced my Porsche 917 book somewhere in the excitement during the last mortar attack . . . :happy: My questions for you concern the top-mounted, horizontally-placed fan that cooled the original Porsche 917...