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    Carlisle All Ford

    The All Ford event ,which was postponed due to Covid 19 , is happening this weekend ! The 15 year ford GT display is going to be epic . My GT-R will be there from Thursday until Sunday if anyone wants to come by and have a look. There should also be quite a few Matech race cars as well as a...
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    **SOLD **Superlite GT-R FOR SALE

    I have decided to sell my newly completed GT-R . The car is extremely well sorted and fast! It is very much a track focused build . It needs nothing . Here are the details: Car: Superlite GT-R Full race cage with removable door bars. Extra bars /gussets fabricated by HFR Fabrication. Front tow...
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    FS USA SOLD:: ZF transaxle FOR SALE

    I have a ZF transaxle that I would like to sell. It is currently apart and the case is at the blaster's having the iron parts ceramic coated and the aluminum parts glass beaded. Once completed, it will be completely fresh and ready to go with new syncros, safety wired ARP ring gear bolts etc...
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    Superlite GT-R Rick Reeve

    Here are a few pics of Rick Reeve's GT-R that I dropped off to him yesterday so that he can get acquainted with his new toy. It is not quite 100% complete but is very close . It runs/drives/handles/stops incredibly well and looks fantastic! It has quite a few of H's upgrade parts ( tail lights ...
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    GT-R #14

    Here is a short video of my GT-R that I took this afternoon. It has been quite the effort to get to this point but it is getting close. A few details: Track version Ford Aluminator 5.2XS Graziano trans with 1.04 drop gears Drivetrain lowered 2.75" and moved forward 1" Custom frame...
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    Ebay: AUDI R8 clutch assembly

    Please check this out if you are building a GT-R or SLC with a Graziano transaxle. Thanks, Ron
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    FS: Graziano/Coyote clutch package

    I have a brand new clutch/flywheel package that I would like to sell. It was sourced from RCR and includes the Audi clutch and RCR steel flywheel. Ring gear is not included . $2,000. Thanks for looking, Ron [email protected] 410-596-3170
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    WTB: CCW 18" wheels

    I am looking for a set of 18x13 and 18x 11 CCW (Corsair C10) wheels for my GT-R . Is there anyone who has a set who may consider selling them? Thanks, Ron
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    FS USA Superlite SLC/GT-R Brembo brake parts

    I have a pair ( 2 rotors/2 calipers) of brand new,unused Brembo calipers/cross drilled rotors from a Superlite GT-R for sale. $500 obo. Thanks, Ron
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    RCR GT40 on "Ride With Norman Reedus "

    Did anyone catch the killer white RCR GT40 on the episode last night?? Looked amazing! | Ron
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    Dunlop Racing tires

    Does anyone have first hand experience with Dunlop CR82 Post Historic race tires? I am wondering how they compare to a Michelin TB5R/TB15 or an AVON. They are going on a Pantera Gp4 with 15"X10" and 15"X 13" wheels. Thanks, Ron
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    Nice Original GT40 vid

    Original Ford GT40 Startup, Overview - YouTube
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    Who's SLC is this in NOVA???

    This showed up at a Northern VA C&C on Saturday. From what I understand,it was VERY well received!!! Who's is it?
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    SNT Motorsports/ 25 Hours of Thunderhill

    25 Hours of Thunderhill Team Copa - YouTube
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    Ford Takes On Ferrari And Wins The 24 Hours of Le Mans

    Ford Takes On Ferrari And Wins The 24 Hours of Le Mans | Ford Racing 110th Anniversary
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    Ford GT @ LeMans

    Very cool picture of the GT from Test Day
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    SLR at C&C in Cali

    Cars and (NO) Coffee March 5th 2011 - Automotive Event Photography by cncpics
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    FS: Ford FE Fuel Injection - NEW

    I have no connection to this . I just saw it on Corner Carvers and thought someone here may be interested. Corner-Carvers Forums
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    ZF -2 Transaxle FOR SALE

    I have a Pantera ZF transaxle for sale . It is currently completely torn down,cleaned,inspected case glassbeaded,and all of the parts are in stock and ready to be assembled.(including all new synchros and ring gear safety wire set. I thought I would offer it here before I assembled it so that...
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    VIR UTCC Video SPF GT40

    YouTube - BC Racing Sentra SE-R / UTCC at VIR