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  1. Mark Charlton

    Way back then

    I was flipping through some old R&T magazines and came across a couple of interesting ads. Makes you wonder what ads guys will be looking at with regret in another 30 years. And, yes, I know this was discussed back in 2006, but it's fun to revisit once in a while. Anyone here ever meet Harry...
  2. Mark Charlton

    GT40 for sale in Alberta

    I came across this GT40 for sale in Alberta. I do not know this car (I'm a thousand miles away) but any Canadians looking for a car should investigate this one. On the surface it looks fairly nice, and at the price is definitely worth looking into further if you are in "need" of a GT40 and are...
  3. Mark Charlton

    Advice needed for GTD rear hubs

    Hi All, I wish to convert my GTD metric rear hubs to standard Ford 4.5" x 5. Is this even possible, or am I looking at major work here? What is the most cost-effective way of achieving this? My goal is to enable the use of pin-drive wheels (which I have) and adapters that are 4.5" x 5...
  4. Mark Charlton

    Smiths Gauges troubleshooting

    I have the classic style Smiths gauges in my GTD and the water temp and fuel gauges have stopped working. I am shockingly (pun intended) inept when volts are involved and am hoping someone can help diagnose what is likely quite obvious to someone with the right experience (not me). I suspect...
  5. Mark Charlton

    Pocono CSD

    Here are some photos taken at the recent show in the Poconos featuring a couple of well-known rides.
  6. Mark Charlton

    GT40 for sale

    Paul Cass is trying to post details about his car for sale without success. He's a supporter so should be able to. Perhaps he will be add to this thread. Good luck!
  7. Mark Charlton

    Photo posting problems

    Is anybody else having problems posting photos, or am I special? :) About half the time I try to post a photo (yes, 640x480, JPEG, way under 200K) it doesn't work. After I attach the image and click "upload image", it just acts like it's taking all week to upload (I've actually left it for...
  8. Mark Charlton

    Slam Catches for rear clip

    Does anybody sell these as a retrofit for older cars? MY GTD uses Dzus fasteners and I would like to improve on them. I would like either a set of slam catches (like on the attached CAV—both the frame and clip portions), or possibly the protruding hood-pin style (less desirable to me). I...
  9. Mark Charlton

    New manifold for Clevelands and 48 IDFs

    I'm not sure if this would be of interest to many here, but those who are using a Cleveland engine and want Webers with less height might find this thread from Pantera International of some interest:
  10. Mark Charlton

    CAV for sale in Florida

    I came accross this on Hemmings. Great looking car from the one photo included and a really fair asking price if there are no major stories. I have no knowledge beyond reading the advert, just thought some who are searching might be interested...
  11. Mark Charlton

    GT40 on eBay in Indiana Another of the former GTNA cars?
  12. Mark Charlton

    Help posting a video?

    Ron, I have a .mov file that is about 6megs that I am unable to successfully upload. I get the "uploading file(s) - please wait" but after 6 or so hours, it still isn't uploaded. The chart says up to 9MB, and it is an .mov file (made on a Mac, if that matters), so I'm not sure what I'm doing...
  13. Mark Charlton

    Another GT40 lands in Canada!

    For those wondering where Andy Besic's car ended up, look no further than my garage in Ottawa. I never expected to own a car that would make my Pantera seem tall, slow and quiet, but this is the car that does. Andy did a great job mechanically and the visible wear on the car makes it look like...
  14. Mark Charlton

    Decisions, decisions...

    MK 2, or MK 1...
  15. Mark Charlton

    Which Manufacturers will be at Carlisle?

    I would like to know which manufacturers (or owners) will have cars at Carlisle this year. I am still in the pre-purchase stage, and would like the opportunity to see and compare – preferably without having to fly all over the world. Thanks,