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    weird starter problem

    ^ have not done so, didn't even know what a growler was. I elected to reinstall starter after cleaning everything, will remove and have it rebuilt if problem recurs.
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    weird starter problem

    It was running an Omega ECU on Alpha N, programmable. Now stock GM E38 ECU as originally used to run LS7 with coil packs, a native installation with tons of manufacturer R&D behind it. Not the most up to date ECU, but very solid and has an OBD2 output, which is required in my neck of the...
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    weird starter problem

    Engine is managed by a GM E38 ECU, don't know what the start up timing is but it is stock programming, with a very mild cam. Ordinarily, the engine fires very quickly. I've only had the no-crank issue occur twice, both times after the car stalled (I have a small tuning issue to deal with). I...
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    weird starter problem

    I pulled the starter and partially disassembled to look at the contacts and brushes - pics attached. Nothing here seems too worn, so I elected to clean the contacts, plunger and rotor a little and reassemble. Does anyone see something wrong?
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    weird starter problem

    In both circumstances, the engine was fully warm. Starting up when everything has cooled has not be problematic. Routing of exhaust does not particularly heat the starter. Cables have full integrity and good connections/tight lugs. Any suggestions as to what failure heat could cause in the...
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    weird starter problem

    did a little research on this, I'm guessing advice referenced the solenoid contacts, which I should happily be able to remove and replace without removing the starter. Just have to try to track down the appropriate parts for the fix.
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    weird starter problem

    gents, resurrecting this thread, I ended up not doing anything with it, thinking it might be a one time thing. Well, it did it again. I'm pretty sure it's a Denso 2.3 heavy duty starter. To clarify the above advice, am I looking to replace the motor brushes, or another set of contacts?
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    broken wire in instrument cluster harness

    Gents, I found the source of a non functional fuel level gauge - a broken green wire, right before the multiplug. Given it's proximity to the plug, it appears difficult to strip the wire back on the plug side to create a butt splice. I've discovered something called a Dolphin Displacement...
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    small leak in coolant system

    epilogue - found my leak, elected to use these clamps to improve sealing. I've heard good things about them -
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    Engine dies when clutch operated.

    The way I'm reading it is that the pilot bearing was not fully inserted into the crank, leaving it sitting "out of the hole". Thus, when the tranx was mated to engine, it was already hard up against the shoulder of the main shaft, loading the crank thrust bearing, leading to premature wear...
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    My, my. New Zealand '40 had a rough day.

    showing off is usually a bad idea. It's ALWAYS a bad idea in a high power car with no driver aids.
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    small leak in coolant system

    ^ thanks for that. I stopped myself from doing exactly that out of concern for sticking later. One problem is that when the hose is pushed onto the nipple, it will drag the RTV with it, and I want to keep it off the clean aluminum as it can't really improve seal on virgin metal. I may elect to...
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    small leak in coolant system

    Gents, I've had a small weep in my cooling system, which believe came from the WP inlet nipple. It's tucked away in a pretty inaccessible place, and after pulling the coupling apart, I felt a little roughness on one side of the nipple. Getting a remote camera on it, it appears to be...
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    Starter Motor Post Mortem

    Hi Dan, I think it depends on the ECU. I have a GM E38, and I believe long term fuel trims get lost when it's powered down.
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    Starter Motor Post Mortem

    Hi Dan, one thing to keep in mind is that killing power to the ECU may wipe out adaptations. I have a kill switch in the car that I am not currently using because of this. I may end up plugging a 9V battery into my OBDII port to maintain juice to the ECU sufficient only to maintain memory, but...
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    T.50 hits 12,100 RPM...

    it's an interesting study in exclusivity/cost. Was this engine used because of exclusivity, or because they wanted the last .5 percent performance gain from reduced engine weight? Or both, more likely.
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    Following up on this thread, I'm due to change out my OAT fluid. Is there any real benefit to using Evans, aside from the service life? I may have read somewhere that cars with long coolant runs like ours are more apt to cavitate at the water pump and boil fluid in the heads. On the other...
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    help with upholstery

    that's a nice set up. The virtue of that hard foam is that it is not going to move around, so bonding the fabric is relatively easy. I may elect just to cover the entire sheet of Confor foam with cloth, drop it into place, and deal with the folding of fabric that happens when forced into...
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    ^ jeez that sounds terrible. Do you know if this is a one in a million phenom, or is it something I should look at eliminating from my rear brake plumbing?
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    How does superlite's SL-C handle in the winter?

    You can build it any way you like, and drive it in any conditions you like with the following caveats - 1) it will be noisy, EV will help 2) it will be drafty as hell in the cold 3) it probably won't be 100% weatherproof 4) all season tires or not, any whiff of snow/precip in the cold...