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    Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale - *SOLD*

    Re: Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale Yes, the car is sold. The gentleman should be pleased! Thanks to all who took an interest.
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    Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale - *SOLD*

    Re: Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale No trades! Too many vehicles already - the wife wants things cleared up! Sadly, the market for these things is a bit tight, hence the price. If someone wants to build one, just take mine apart and reassemble. You're still ahead of the game compared to...
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    Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale - *SOLD*

    Re: Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale Maybe this will work...
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    Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale - *SOLD*

    Re: Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale Dammit, trying to figure out how to add pictures....
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    Roaring Forties 0052 For Sale - *SOLD*

    It's been quite a while since I've been on the forum, and sad to return for this reason, but it's time for my little project to find a good home. Keeping it simple: Right-hand drive 1965 replica manufactured by Roaring Forties in Australia in 2002. Arrived in US as kit around May 2002...
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    A few questions re RF Build...SVA...

    I may be late to the game here, but I have the same pulley/damper assembly as does Peter. If you need them, the part number for the cam sensor is 1F1Z-6B288-BA. It is NOT Motorcraft DU-57 (Ford F58Z-12A112-AA). The crank sensor is 1L2Z-6C351-AA. Just for grins, the synchronizer is...
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    What happened to the one you had? You still have your cage right? I never cut my dash for a cage. By the way, how are things there in south Houston?
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    DC&O Vacuum

    Peter, thanks forthe pictures! As Ross says, the last picture you posted is exactly what mine looks like today. I'm going to have a chance over the coming weekend to dive back into it and see what I can do. Your idea of spinning the horns around to feed from the inside would also improve the...
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    DC&O Vacuum

    Thanks guys, I thought it might come down to lots of little adjusting. I would love to see a picture to compare what I have stock from RF (spring 02) to what you are running now.
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    DC&O Vacuum

    I know Ross has one, curious to know what anybody has their DC&O set at. I have all the cylinders set at 4 pounds (using a synchrometer) except that 3 and 5 are at 10. For some reason they seem to act like 'master' seetings with the others acting as slaves. I'm getting a bit of backfire on...
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    Plate location

    You go girl!
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    Seatbelt Mounts

    for what it's worth, I cut the seats, welded on a brace to use 5 point harness. Seats look unchanged after they have been put back together.
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    016 Clutch Bearing

    I ended up using the long one. The short one was too short. At first I was having problems installing the long one, but that turned out to be operator error. I still have a long clutch pedal, but perhaps I have a crummy m/c.
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    Roaring Forties #36 Joe's Completion Log

    Your plumbing puts mine to shame! Very nice. I had the same problem with my pipes, only mine came from RF. They were not pretty, so I had no problem cutting and welding to get them to fit up. Your work looks fantastic.
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    fuse panel relays

    Gracias Dan, exactly what I was looking for! I pulled the relays and jumped the circuits, fans work, so I'm scratching my head.
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    fuse panel relays

    Anyone know what relays go with what circuits? The blade fuses are labeled, but not the relays; nor can I find a 'map' of the relays in the electrical manual. I can't seem to get my radiator fans nor the speedo/tach to work, thinking electrical. Any help would be great.
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    valve cover woes

    I used Crane gold rockers with no stud girdle and had no problems with clearance. My engine guru said with my rpm's I wouldn't need a stud girdle, if I did, then I would need the larger cover. The riser for the valve cover is about $130, so I was hoping I wouldn't need one, and I didn't.
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    Heat insulation blanket

    Rolf, how is your heat blanket holding up? What contact cement did you use? I've been experimenting with several different glues and contact cements, and none seem to be able to withstand gasoline. Now, maybe I'm being anal, and I don't expect gasoline to actually contact the blanket, but...
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    Compilation of RF Part Model Numbers and Sources

    stamped numbers on the case of my alternator are: 9120060032. I had to modify the backets and even make a new brace as they did not work for my engine. I think it had something to do with my using AFR instead of Twisted Wedge heads, but that was four years ago when I talked with Robert Logan...
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    Rear suspension adjustment

    photo attached herein