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    Welcome! Ron
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    weird starter problem

    On my GT-R, I had a XS Power battery issue that caused this exact issue. The battery would provide 12.5V and would crank the battery if the starter was cold but once it was up to temp, it would only click. Installed a Braille battery and the issue never returned. Ron
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    Ford GT Ricardo and Graziano L140 have similar shift patterns. Reverse is to the left on both. Ricardo is forward and Graziano is back. As far as I know, H @ H-Craft is the only one who has installed a Ford GT shifter in a car with a Graziano trans. ( Jared's GT-R) Ron
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    My SLC in black camo

    Great looking car!! Ron
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    AM GT1 Sale

    The car at Carlisle was Rex's AMGT-001. I believe that this is the same car that is being auctioned at PB.
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    AM GT1 Sale

    Here's a picture that I took of that car in Carlisle Pa last summer. (My car is the dark blue one just behind it.) Ron
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    Have rbt transmissions closed down

    I think I may have a guide tube for that application. There are two different bolt patterns for these ( early and late) Your M1 should have the later pattern. Ron
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    SPF 2366 Build

    Eric, One thing that I have found works very well is to cover the painted surface of the windows with electrical tape before installing them. This will keep the paint from peeling off or being rubbed off by contact with the body. Ron
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    Shift linkage nut, ZF

    Rick, The nut is 12mm x 1.5 . Where are you located? If you are in the states, I can send you a nut and keyway. ( I think I have spares anyway) Ron
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    YAHB (Yet another hopeful builder)

    Jeff W. The cost for re-gearing the Grazino transaxle is $1,150 . That includes completely tearing the unit down, inspecting the internal parts,modifying the front section of the case to clear the drop gear ( this is only necessary some of the time dependent on the case casting and drop gear...
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    Which Master Cylinder?

    I have had great success using the .75" cylinders for the F&R brakes and the .88" for the clutch. Ron
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    SPF 2366 Build

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    **SOLD **Superlite GT-R FOR SALE

    Car is now SOLD. Thanks for all of the great comments. Ron
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    Alternative source transaxle?

    You should contact John at HCF Autosport! Great guy and has everything you need. Ron
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    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    Aaron, # 1 & 2 can be accomplished with one part. Ron
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    1999 302 Explorer engine

    Great choice! If I remember correctly, the spark plugs come out at a strange angle on the P cylinder heads. Keep that in mind when selecting off the shelf headers. If your building your own ,It's not a big deal. Ron
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    problems with goods from Dave Brown CCD NZ.

    Any McCall is a good McCall! Ron
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    GT40, clutch dragging severely or not completely engaging

    Dennis Quella at Pantera Performance Center in Colorado offers an external slave setup . Ron
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    RCR GT40 shifter connection to Trans

    If the car is right hand drive, I would consider converting it to a rod shift setup. Ron