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    problems with goods from Dave Brown CCD NZ.

    Is it only me, having problems with goods send from Dave Brown NZ??. I have been waiting for some parts from him for more than 7 month now and when I contact him, he tells me that he will ship my parts "this week", but now he is telling me that he get "send goods coming back" from the UK. Is...
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    Original seat

    I would like to buy an original seat and it is ok if it is in very bad condition as I only need it as a template for making a set for my project. I could do with a copy of original drawings with dimensions...
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    Original seats fabrication.

    I have bought brass grommets, ripstop nylon and an old Pfaff sewing machine ;-) and now I am in the need of instructions on how to make them to original specifications, can someone help me here please...
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    Girling CR

    Would like to buy a set of original Girling CR calipres.
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    RBT question

    Hi all :-). Does a new build RBT transmission have a serial number?
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    location of VIN nr.

    Hi :-) can someone tell me how many and where the locations of the VIN number is, on a 66 Superformance mk11.
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    Hartwell latch wanted, one will do :-)
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    Identifying my CAV.

    Can someone here help me identify my CAV, ?. I bought it in 2010 from a Danish insurance company as a burned out wreck (without a vin number), exported from USA some years before 2010. Regards: Jonny
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    solid brake discs

    I would like to buy a set of 11.5" solid brake discs for mk1. new or used.
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    original mk1 brake discs

    Hi there :-). can someone help me with the measurements of the original mk1 brake discs? please contact me on my mail: [email protected] in advance thaks : Jonny Paulsen
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    Uprights, Rack/Pinion, Pedal box

    I would like to buy original front and rear Uprights. (a copy made to oem specifications is ok). I am also interested in an original Rack-and-pinion steering and a pedal box casting (again, copy is ok as long as they are identical to oem). Best regards and have a nice weekend from...
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    My GT is naked

    I still need a body for my gt40 project. If there is someone in south GB who has an early type 1 body laying around, please contact me (some of my friends are going to the War And Pease Revival this year to sell parts which gives me the opportunity to get a body home :-))...
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    Lucas mirror mount.

    Hi :-) I would like to buy a original 608 mirror mount, or alternative, a drawing with the correct dimensions of the mount, ( I will then reward it with a new mount) I also need the correct dimensions for the rear "fourlink" bars (and again, I can reward it with a free set of the endpieces in...
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    Girling brakes

    Hi all :-) I have been told that the early MK1 had Girling CR front brake calipers and BR rear calipers, but if that is correct, how was the handbrake connected? I just cant find any pictures that show how. Can someone help. Regards Jonny...
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    Girling BR

    I would like to buy a Girling BR brake caliper. I only need one (1) and I need it for mesurements, so it does not have to be in good condition. Regards Jonny..
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    Metalastik dimension

    Hi :-) Can someone help me with the dimensions on the metalastik couplings. (the bolt circle, bolt thickness and the thickness of the coupling) I dont know what to search for :cry:. Regards. Jonny...
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    Rusty monocoque panels.

    Hi owner of originals GTs. I would like to buy your old rusty or damaged original monocoque panels. (every panel that you have replaced because they were beyond repair is of interest). The panels does not have to be "good" in any way, I just need them as patterns for making new ones...
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    GT40 Body

    I resently bought a GT40 mk.1 with a burnt out body, caused by a Weber backfire :cry:. Can someone (not too far from Denmark) help me with a new (or used) body for it.