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  1. Big-Foot

    McLaren replica build base on a Manta

    I should have figured as much Terry but my curiosity forced me to ask! Sounds very strong indeed! I’ve always found aero to be an interesting balancing act ever since I had added a substantial spoiler to the rear deck of my Corvette racecar back in the mid 70’s. After repairing some cracked...
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    ford 289 hp

    You dug up a thread that was going on 13 years old. Don’t expect the conversation to continue like it was yesterday...
  3. Big-Foot

    McLaren replica build base on a Manta

    Terry - Your work, as usual, looks great! I am curious what sort of support(s) you have under the rear spoiler to transfer the generated downforce to the chassis..
  4. Big-Foot

    2011 R8 v10 6 speed manual trans forsale

    Wrong forum. Please use the Garage Sale forum after you review the rules for posting there. Thank you...
  5. Big-Foot

    Heat management

    Good find! I used a modified BMW thermostat - but the thermostat inside is not serviceable...
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    Jokes anyone? -

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    Happy New Year to all members and their families... — Here’s hoping for the best Keith.. Get & be well very soon!
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    What sort of response are you looking for Terry? If you have a contribution that you think would be valuable to our community, please feel free to share it.
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    Another Newbie

    Welcome to Terry..
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    Jokes anyone? -

  11. Big-Foot

    Jokes anyone? -

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    Pros and cons stroker kit for 302?

    Check them out Neil... Many of those cars with those engines are racing in competition and winning! These pistons are not as heavy as they once were and work quite well. I will say that there are some cheaper brands that I would not use though. Keith Black pistons are in that class. I’ve...
  13. Big-Foot

    Foam Sealer

    X2 on the low expanding! Another member here years ago used foam in the spider and doors, came back the next day to find them blown apart and warped terribly bad...
  14. Big-Foot

    Pros and cons stroker kit for 302?

    Guess what engines use cast Hypereutectic pistons! Chevrolet ZL1, ZR1/Z06 and every LS series performance engine. Look back at the Dodge Viper, Ford Coyote and many others... Hypereutectic pistons allow for far tighter bore clearances which are more supportive of low tension rings. More HP and...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all.....
  16. Big-Foot

    Wheel hubs - paint or not?

    Paint or powder coat - but leave the interface between the rotor/hat and hub clean. A thin wipe of anti seize on that surface and wiped dry is what I would do...
  17. Big-Foot

    CamT's build thread

    Dow Corning has recently released replacement windshields for Jeep Wranglers and other vehicles. They’re called Gorilla Glass. My next windshield in the Rubicon will be a Gorilla Glass unit as I’m on my 3rd windshield in 3 years. Jeeps are prone to breakage due to the more upright angle of...
  18. Big-Foot

    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    Ummmmm.... We do allow movie reviews in the Paddock you know.....
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Why men shouldn’t write advice columns... I don’t know... Looked spot-on to me!
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    Jokes anyone? -

    We never REALLY win anyways....