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    Kaspa, John Steiner

    Bugger ! Ooroo mate Save a grid spot for me
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    Chevy club. Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning - Bing video
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    Lola T70 Spyder Mk I replica comfort

    Well! my missus is like a dog off a leash when it comes to sports cars - Cobras, GT40s, Porsches 991- GT2 etc , Aston MartinDB11, AMG Mercs and McLaren 650S as long as there is fuel in the tank its hard to get her out of them However - my trump card is the RCR T70 spyder which has a fixed driver...
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    T70 Spyder

    Thanx Don -that's the one I couldn't remember :)
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    T70 Spyder Race Car Replicas - Michigan Lola Heritage • View forum - Lola Heritage Forum Good luck
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    T70 Spyder

    Yes there are -- Why ? ;)
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    Upper Ball Joint ?

    chev C10 tie rod end ( i think)
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    This affects us all!

    If it was made in china ..... that'd be an interesting law suit JLR CEOs handing out "copyright" specs to replica builders over the years - I think that'd be enough to bounce 'em back At the end of the day it'll just be squabbling over a badge
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    Fitech 30003 on a 302

    I think that the item is mechanically OK but the electronics are created by IT guys who are devoid of responsibility and practicality, especially when this type of gear is applied to dinosaurs, either that or they’re way ahead of their time and assumed we’d all naturally catch on JMY $.002
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    Fitech 30003 on a 302

    We have fitted a few Snipers to customer cars -- first start up sounds awesome then the issues start--what we have found is that they seem to be susceptible to RFs radio frequencies ie noise - especially on fords as the dissy is right in front of the sniper computer - turn the carb around so...
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    What-is-it thread

    Yeah! nah? It’s a thingamyjig for a whatchamacallit
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    Jokes anyone? -

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    Jokes anyone? -

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    Jokes anyone? -

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    Jokes anyone? -

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    What's happening in the USA ?

    Not a bad summery
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    What's happening in the USA ?

    Good responses guys and thanks Randy -- just your opinions or info as we (Australia) is a close follower of the USA and we are concerned about the possible out come and we have China banging on our door The lawlessness appears to be a trapped rats scenario or is the pandemic to blame ? We...
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    What's happening in the USA ?

    ..... as it looks like its about to implode We'd (Australia) be interested in learned Americans insight to the situation
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    Street & Track Transaxles!!!

    Just to add to Howard as my T70 ( RCR) runs similar power and tyres with a G50/52 standard ratios and LSD = a great starter combo For race track abuse-would recommend Oil cooler, internal spray bar or any other oiling improvements Our last race for the season was in 38°C for 20 min sessions...