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    Chevy club. Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning - Bing video
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    What's happening in the USA ?

    ..... as it looks like its about to implode We'd (Australia) be interested in learned Americans insight to the situation
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    Renault un 5 with ford bell and input Q

    Looking for the source -- Some body in UK has manufactured a ford bell housing and input shaft to fit the Renault UN1 and UN5 trans Appreciate a pointer in that direction
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    Race Wars --Western Australia

    Some interesting times from remote way down under where Dave and Julian in their GT40s were competing amongst some high end machinery -- makes you appreciate 200 MPH way back Schedule - Racewars
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    F5000 at Phillip Island

    Magnificent F5000 s
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    A gift from Vlad ?

    What do we make of this -- is it true?
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    Twinkle toes the mechanic

    Trust y'all kin relate to this :- Auto Mechanics Hilariously Recreate Renaissance Paintings | Bored Panda
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    For the lawyers among us-- does this have merit ??

    Its a bit of a read --but I know of some smarties that are challenging the rights of the constabulary (public servants) for traffic infringements etc I'd be interested in comments from our wise community----- When you see that a Pub...lic Servant (always refer to them as such) has put on...
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    Audi 01E trans

    Maybe of interest to those wanting to put 900 hp to an 01E trans :- Audi / VW / Porsche Product Range - Pfitzner Performance Gearbox
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    930 gear sets

    To improve fun on the track :idea: Need ratio change to 3rd and 4th 26:26 and 30:23 gear sets Anyone have a source for these -- good used OK No Go at Albins BTW
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    SLC down under promo Good to see a bit of promo for the SLC in Aus --a bit of gay driving --sadly:shifty:
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    1978 f5000

    If you have a spare few minutes--- It was always fun and exciting to go to motor racing in those days
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    For the budding machinist

    "Cube insider cube" if you have a spare 10 mins I'd just call it warm up exercises :thumbsup:
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    Another racing legend down

    RIP Frank Matich
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    ANZAC centenial

    The next dawn 25/4/15 commemorates the landing at Gallipoli of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps for the 100th bloody time. My Grandfather - an expat Englishman was there, he would tell us stories of his adventures but never of that war other than to say it was a bloody mistake
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    Our history is not what we think

    OK -- slow day at the office but I found it fascinating --- its quite lengthy
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    Mid engine hay hauler

    This guy is a legend :- VIDEO: Holden Rodeo track monster clears its lungs | MOTOR
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    Holinger trans axle

    Just what GT40s have been waiting for
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    M11 1.5 x 30 bolts source

    Calling my European friends :- Chev LS crankshaft / flywheel bolts -- are M11x1.5 pitch x 22 long (another illogical engineering nightmare POS) I need M11x1.5 x 30 long (or a bit longer) and BTW M11,1.5 is not 7/16" unf M7, 9, 11 pita etc seems common from the continent any leads...
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    Changing wheels on the fly

    Dunno why they keep shooting at the Arabs - as they are so creative Saudi Tire Change on