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    GT40 pin drive wheels 17""

    Because of a downgrade to 15"" I´m selling my 17"" wheels, 8,5 and 11,5 width with 225/335 tyres. alloys are looking used and need to be refurnished, tyres must be replaced looking for 1800€ for the set
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    Tornado GT40- help required

    hello, looking for someone who owns a TSC GT40, registered in Germany. I´d require a data sheet or a copy of the paperwork- of course I´d pay for that :drunk: Many thanks in advance
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    Willwood 6 pot calipers

    hello together, can someone advice me how to bleed the brake system? Only have a valve on the top of each caliper - when opening them and pump the pedal, as done with conventional systems, I only get some drops of brake fluid at the bottom of the caliper, where no valve is mounted. Thus...
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    registration/title GT40 replica wanted!!!

    Hey you out there.. I´m urgently looking for a registration document (full paperwork) of a GT40 replica, date of registration pre 1980!!, if possible with Rover V8 engine. Does some have or knows someone who has a crashed car or anything else like this??? Price should be on an acceptable level...
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    FORD GT40/GT Meeting

    hallo together, I´d like to know, if you are interested in a GT-Meeting in Summer 2011 in Germany (near Heidelberg/Hockenheim). I´m going to schedule if the feedback is on a high quote. I´m member of a general motor sport club and we´ve all the opportunities to manage an event like that. Please...
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    GT40 wanted

    Hi, looking for an MK1 replica, perhaps unfinished or for restoration. Price up to 16000GBP, if possible registration not later than 1981. Sensible offers please to: [email protected]