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    proto 289 head

    I have been dismantling a 289 engine I bought some years ago and and found the casting # SK28984 on the heads. It's an ex drag racer engine that seems to have been built by Rousch. The only info I could find said they were a prototype for the 351W. Anybody got any more info?
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    For Johann - T70 wheels

    For Johann (your pm box is full) As you are the font of all things T70 on the forum perhaps you would know who best to supply a pair of 12" mk1 rear wheels. They need to be useable so if magnesium they need to be new. Any ideas? Grateful for any help
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    UN1 to SBF

    Does anyone have a cad file or drawing for an R20/302 adaptor plate, specifically the bolt bole layout? Thanks
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    More eBay b******s!

    And some poor sucker has bid. Original Ford GT40 Tyre (item 120063353461 end time 17-Dec-06 09:22:07 GMT)
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    Flow Figures For Gurney-Weslake

    Cfm @28 in. lift in ex 400 217.9 145 450 231 154.6 500 243.5 161.6 550 252.9 165.3 600 262.8 167.8 650 266.3 167.3 700 263.7 Swirl was only fair but did improve quite rapidly beyond .400 lift. In theory this flow capacity would...