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    Crude Traction Control with Holley Dominator and ABS sensors??

    Hello everyone. I already have a Dominator running a GEN3 Hemi stroker in my '70 Challenger. I loved the EFI software and hardware, so for my next project I want to use the same thing. (GT40 kit car with C5 corvette suspension). Don't shoot me but it will have a 5.3L LS engine. I wanted a...
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    Gold color for halibrand wheels???

    Hello everyone! I am in the process of planning a build and am struggling to find reliable information on the gold color found on many halibrand knock off style wheels. I attached some pictures of what I am looking for. I am hoping some of you kind folks could help me track down the proper...
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    Street & Track Transaxles!!!

    Hello Everyone, I am in the planning phases of a GT40 kit car. I am currently planning on running about 470hp and am neck-deep in the turbulent waters of picking a transaxle. What I am writing about I have found scattered comments throughout the forums but nothing dedicated like this post. I...