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    Kustom Metal Werks and Exhausts

    George, if you are monitoring this forum somehow, Dan needs an update. Please call.
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    Tornado GT40 for sale

    Proceeds from sale of Tornado kit are being reinvested in refinement of original KVA body molds and development of monocoque chassis. Between the development process and completing the Tornado for Chip, I won't have a lot of time for email, so please be patient. Will post more information as...
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    Tornado GT40 for sale

    Chipper's check is in the mail. Asking price was $19,500.
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    Tornado GT40 for sale

    For sale - Tornado GT40 partially assembled, rolling chassis and body, transaxle and adapter, knock-off wheels and tires, shift linkage, pedals and hydraulics, too much included to detail here - email [email protected] for complete list, pictures, and price.