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    New Carbon GTV8

    What is the wheelbase and track width? It looks much smaller than the Ford GT.
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    S2's Build Thread

    Thanks for the feedback, that is exactly who I was leaning towards so I feel better now.
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    S2's Build Thread

    Do you have access to a laser cutter, or do you use a service? I’m looking for an online service so it would be great if you had a recommendation. I also have been 3D printing mine to ensure they are ready to cut.
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    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    Not sure if the shop warned you, but plastidip is gas solvable, so doin't spill any putting it in or you paint will start to wrinkle and peel.
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    Michael's GT-R Build

    You wife is going to love the new hat you made her.
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    Fat Larry's GTR Build

    All creature comforts like panels to hide the roll bar and carpet add up fast.
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    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    DYC Pro = Autoflex. Thanks for the information.
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    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    Do you know if it is Plastidip, Autoflex, or Halo EFX?
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    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    I did mechanical linkage for my 818, if you go that route I can share some lessons learned.
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    Stock GM LS3/480 Cranking Spark Settings

    Looks like the are trying to kill the engine if it is idling that low while hot.
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    YAHB (Yet another hopeful builder)

    I'm using the Tesla caliper, but instead of an off the shelf controller, I'm using an arduino. The benefit here is I read the vehicle speed from the ECU and can vary the brake pressure based on speed, allowing me to use the electric caliper as an emergency brake as well as a parking brake.
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    Want to stop a telemarketer from calling? Here’s how

    All of the telemarketer calls I get are from spoofed numbers that actually belong to real people that you will be terrorizing if you do this.
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    Michael's GT-R Build

    I’m not surprised you had to modify the file for your mirrors, in fact I’m surprised they worked at all. Those look like a different model mirror than what I developed the file with for Rufus’ car. Those are much taller. Glad you were able to make them work.
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    Anybody going to car shows?

    Open the pictures on your ipad, rotate them 90 degrees, save them. Then open and rotate back and save again. That will fix them.
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    Air Conditioning Effectiveness

    Have you put manifold gauges on and checked your high side / low side pressures?
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    Air Conditioning Effectiveness

    Quadruple check that the heater valve isn't pumping hot water through the core while you are trying to cool. Sounds elementary, but it can happen
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    Kurt H (hoffkm) SL-C build thread

    Wiring up all 3 LEDs should produce white, depending on how the diffusers in the diode work.
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    Registration/Title issues

    Might be worth stopping by the factory five forums. The sheer number of 65 roadsters and 33 coupes statistically guarantees a lot of people will have experience with Florida registration.
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    Did you order your coach system with Euro taillights or standard?
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    Mike's Build

    If you took the picture on an iPhone it’s very common. Just open the picture in photos to edit, rotate it 90, save, then open again rotate back and save.