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  1. VintageVenom

    ZF on Ebay

    Just stumbled across this...thought I'd post it: 1975 ZF-2
  2. VintageVenom

    massa crash slow mo review

    Now that sucks..... looks like he was out cold after debris impact. Watch his head movements. video
  3. VintageVenom

    Serious stuff: how to get GT40 for PS2 GT4

    OK guys.....serious business here... found this vid: GT40 in GT3 Does anyone know how I can get a GT40 into my Play Station 2 Gran Turismo 4? 1076 #7 would be ideal.... :D
  4. VintageVenom

    Name that pulley

    OK guys...this one will be a true test...... I found the below pulley in my "Bucket-O-Pulleys". It worked absolutely great on this build, as it is really shallow (providing the ability to have the drive-train very forward). Additionally, the OD is very similar to HiPo size. If we could ID...
  5. VintageVenom

    Weber parts supplier - good experience

    Hi guys, Just want to share a good experience that I have had. Chirco performance (VW Parts for Air Cooled Volkswagens and Dune Buggys) has now proven to me a second time that they have excellent customer service and a staff that actually knows Webers, and how they work. I called to order...
  6. VintageVenom

    Looking for a picture.....please help if U can

    Hey guys.. Looking for a digital copy of this picture of 1076 found on page 231 of the Ford That Beat Ferrari. Please help if you can. Thanks in advance. My e-mail is [email protected]
  7. VintageVenom

    A change of identity........

    We have all seen guys change their avatars many times.....I know. But I haven't. I have had the same picture since I signed on in 2005. It feels like I'm changing my name or something. Frankly I have always felt a little odd having a Daytona Coupe as my avatar on a GT40 forum...
  8. VintageVenom

    At what point should one seek therapy??

    But honey....all my forum buddies have em..... Figured I wouldn't try "the chicks dig em" line. Some of you know I have been keeping my eyes open for "the right" Pantera for a few years, well stumbled across that one last week. Best part was 45 minutes from my house. She's rock...
  9. VintageVenom

    Posting pics question

    Ever since the "new look" of the forum, I have not been able to post full size pics, just the thumb nails. And, my own build thread has been converted to the thumb nail view. Yet, I see other users (Mark Reid for ex) can post full size images. Could/would someone please give me the secret...
  10. VintageVenom

    Parts for sale

    Hi guys, I received the below unsolicited email last week, and thought I'd post it in case any of you might be interested. Don't know the guy or anything about the "stuff"..... just sharing: You are receiving this mail because brandon [email protected] is sending feedback about the...
  11. VintageVenom

    Season finally starts.....!!!

    Yahoo.....weekend time in the shop will finally be filled with the background noise of racing once again. Looking forward to it. Looks like the Audi team may just have a race on their hands this year too..... Sebring is this weekend...:D...
  12. VintageVenom

    GT40 Screen saver

    I got my hands on this screen saver some years ago (2001 ish) while I was on the Ford account during the GT development. Thought I'd share it.
  13. VintageVenom

    Porsche box on Ebay

    Don't recall seeing anyone else list this..... eBay Motors: Porsche 986 Boxster / GT40 Kit Car 5 speed transaxle (item 170191945723 end time Feb-16-08 09:11:18 PST) Funny enough...there is a link it that circles back to
  14. VintageVenom

    Care and feeding of aluminum wheels

    Can you over care for your aluminum wheels....? How often should they be cleaned...? After stumbling across the linked picture..... I really don't think there is any argument against daily polishing.....:D (disclaimer...if your kid is looking over your shoulder don't click the link. If you...
  15. VintageVenom

    Message for Chuck

    Hi Chuck, Your storage limit was full. Clean out your junk man....:D Here was my reply.... Hi Chuck, I'm using a CNC and simply made a flat mounting bracket. It is a CNC 305-B, which I purchased from Lane Automotive. Rob
  16. VintageVenom

    Spa: Alonso: bad form...or racing up front? first turn move by Alonso, squeezing his team mate off track...clearly running off line to do so. Bad form....or aggressive driving? To me...seemed quite call ... bad form. :loser:
  17. VintageVenom

    Tire Size Calculator tool

    Just sharing a tool I found on line: Car / SUV / Van / Light Truck Tire Calculations
  18. VintageVenom

    Oil concern for flat tappet engines

    Interesting article... thought I'd share. Excerpt: ***** the reduction of zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP) in the oils supplied with API approval could affect sliding and high pressure (EP) friction ******** Oil is Killing Our Cars | DCTRA
  19. VintageVenom

    Track footage

    Just for is some footage of a buddy of mine in his Fox body Mustang harrassing the crap out of a Z06 Vette at our local track.
  20. VintageVenom

    Opinions on paint striping techniques should be shooting color next weekend on my RCR. Starting thinking about striping technique and decided to toss it out for opinions. For as long as I have been painting cars I always laid my base color then painted the stripes over the base color, then clear coat. After wet sanding it...