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    Porsche 917 Shakedown for Rennsport Reunion V I'm amazed at how soft the suspension seems.
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    high speed vibration from driveline

    Guys, I have had this issue for a long time but I think i finally found the source of of my vibration. The problem has been that around 80mph, i get some sort of vibration from the drive line of the car. In the process of trouble shooting, i have checked the runout and balance of everything and...
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    Fun at the track.

    I was at the Autobahn Country Club over the weekend and put up a 1:43:01 in my 1989 3rd gen F-body. This was on NT05 street tires and I think a pretty respectable time for what the car is.
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    Matt Farah's Fox body Mustang

    This has to be the best looking mustang I have ever seen. Looks like a hoot.
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    Brake experts, advice please.

    I have put together a brake system for my old muscle car which is set up for track use. I down sized the pistons a bit on the calipers to help with feel, and the results are pretty good, but i have run into an issue, I think i might have made the pistons too small. It takes a lot of effort to...
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    c-clip rear axle and 4 piston calipers ?

    Does anyone have any experience with running opposed piston calipers on a solid rear axle with c-clip retainers? I'm worried about knock back being too much of a problem since I'm already getting it with the stock floating calipers. My differential uses the play of the rear axles to help...
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    Ford to make flat crank v8

    just read this, looks like this might be a great engine choice for a SL-C or GT40 project. Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang is a track-day weapon with 500+ hp [w/video] - Autoblog
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    hydraulic adjustable proportioning valve experience?

    I was wondering if someone could educate me a little bit on adding a adjustable proportioning valve to a standard dual circuit tandem piston master cylinder. I have had a wilwood adjustable proportioning valve on my race car for many years and have noticed that when i adjust the bias more to...
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    Chassis setup help? Corner weights

    My car tends to spin the inner rear tire when coming out of right hand corners; I'm wondering if changing the loading on the rear tires might help the situation. Most resources on this topic here in america talk about this in dirt circle track cars that only turn left and have staggered rear...
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    TCI rattler damper - thoughts?

    Just ordered myself one of TCI's rattler dampers and probably should have made this post before I did, but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experiences with them they would like share. I contacted TCI's tech support before ordering because they make 2 different sizes for my...
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    sold rear axle and one wheel spinning?

    Hey guys, this is on my old 3rd gen fbody road racer. For as long as I can remember, I have never been able to put any power down coming out of a right hand turn. As soon as I get on the gas, I instantly light the rear right tire. I have always thought it was a worn out diff, but I finally...
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    corner balancing in the chicago area?

    I tried calling a shop thats inside the autobahn complex, but they blew me off. Does anyone know a shop or someone who has corner balance scales thats not 'too good' for my American Iron style 3rd gen fbody?
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    Ilmor's 5 stroke engine

    Have you guys seen this? I guess the news was broken in 2009, but this is the first I heard about it. 5-Stroke Concept Engine Design and Development | Ilmor Engineering All of these alternative engine designs have some great challenge to overcome, I see 2 problems with this one. 1...
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    titanium ceramic rotors?

    I've never heard of this technology. They are saying they have a ceramic coated titanium rotor, and that only the transfer layer of pad material is what wears. If the ceramic coating does wear out, you can send the rotor back to have it recoated. Anyone know anything about this? Welcome to...
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    Has anyone ever been able to save an oiled clutch?

    Just got my race car back on track and wouldnt you know, I must have messed up when I installed the rear main seal. After a few min on the track, my brand new clutch started slipping. I'm pretty sure I will have to replace the friction material, but has anyone ever been able to clean out all the...
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    Recon spitfire, a remarkable story

    This is a pretty amazing story and very touching. SPITFIRE 944 - YouTube
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    The suspense will kill you!

    DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! Tire Blow out - YouTube This is pretty stupid, but I thought it was funny.
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    Koenigsegg crashes into bystanders..

    More money than skill...
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    A novel way to catch drug traffickers?

    Ohio Cops Lie About Drug Checkpoints to Pick Off Traffickers - ABC News The ACLU isn't happy about this...
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    oscilloscope suggestions?

    Looking for a cheap oscilloscope to troubleshoot issues with my megasquirt system. I think i just need something that 'works', but there seems to be a lot of junk out there. Anyone have experience with one of these? Hantek DSO5102P Digital Oscilloscope 100MHz 1GS 2CH 7" TFT Compared Tek...