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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    Congrats on the Milestone!!!!
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    Brian M's SL-C Turnkey Build Thread

    BTW - I fully realize the my posts are a lot more boring that the other build posts that I am watching in envy. However, I know that my patience and availability don't allow me to do what most of you are doing. My hats off to you all!!!
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    Brian M's SL-C Turnkey Build Thread

    Small update - doing what I can while the Body work and build continues. I decided to go with the following VIN from . I had them custom design and then make two VIN plates and shipped to Fran at RCR for a total cost of $82. They were super easy to work with...
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    Brian M's SL-C Turnkey Build Thread

    Scott - I did a LOT of research on these lights and actually went to a Toyota Parts dealership and looked at the assembly before I purchased them to see just how much curve there was in the Light. The line where of the tail light fixture attaches to the car is actually perfectly straight. Yes...
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    Brian M's SL-C Turnkey Build Thread

    Additional Update - To store my car I needed to add a 1 car garage to my existing 2 car garage. Unfortunately, due to zoning, offsets, and lot lines I was limited to exactly 10' which makes for a very tight garage space. So I wanted to see if I can get a 360 Birds Eye view camera system that...
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    Brian M's SL-C Turnkey Build Thread

    Update - I visited the RCR shop a few weeks ago and talked with Fran on a couple of topics. Scott called it!! Fran doesn't think the air intake will fit easily. Additionally due to my exhaust (which I posted in post #8) I will need to have a little extra room under the rear clam and also said...
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    Etching Logos

    Brian - Interesting - on my page that link just looks like normal words...not highlighted like a normal hyperlink would be. Very odd. And Aaron - yes I already made sure that I spell Fraser correctly ;)
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    Etching Logos

    Brian Kissel - Thanks I appreciate it. Although I tried but I can't seem to find the reference to "my post 41" but really appreciate you pointing me to I sent them an email to see what I might have them do.
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    Etching Logos

    Scott - Who did you purchase VIN plate from?
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    Etching Logos

    Scott - What company did you use to make your VIN Plate? Can you pass along their contact information. Is it
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    2018/2019 VIR Pics & RCR Lola build.

    Looking great Jim. Glad that you are finally getting it done.
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    Very interesting wind tunnel study.

    Very cool Read. So an Effective Diffuser is a MUST and then it is a flip between spoiler for no drag but also limited down force. Or go the route of a Wing with which provides a lot of down force but also has the most drag. I wish they would have done the model with a spoiler AND a wing...
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    Brian M's SL-C Turnkey Build Thread

    Scott. Great question on fitment. I had my engine builder (Steve at Proformanceunlimited) talk with Fran specifically about the clearance needed under the rear clam window. Steve my engine builder assured me based on the discussion with Fran that this air has intake would fit. So I can only...
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    Brian M's SL-C Turnkey Build Thread

    Thanks for the ideas. Those look a little narrow but I am going to look at that company to see if they have something that could work for what I am trying to accomplish. Really do appreciate it
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    Brian M's SL-C Turnkey Build Thread

    Hi all I hope everyone had a relaxing 4th of July week. We spent 2 weeks in Hawaii which has been a blast to finally experience the normalcy again. Regarding my build. It has been very challenging to see nothing happening for the last 6 months. The engine was delivered in mid Jan and Fran...
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    SL-C Owners Map

    Not a lot of progress yet. Engine is being painted this week and then Fran said he has everything to build it. Fingers crossed to get it ASAP. Believe me I am going crazy waiting on it given that I ordered it 13 months ago
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    Count me in as Well. I am in Orlando but will happily drive down....of course....I am impatiently waiting for Fran to Finish my car
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    new to the group

    Are you a GT or SLC owner/perspective owner?
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    Wanted SLC front nose hinges

    Order them from Fran at RCR