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    *SPF P2109 for sale* *SOLD*

    Sad to say it- This is an extremely nice GT40, with several hundred hours spent sorting the chassis. Nothing left to do but drive & enjoy the car! No accidents, never smoked in, garage kept, etc. This car is very quick - weighing in at just 2,395 lb. and producing 538.5 hp at 5,900 rpm it...
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    Lower Ball Joints - Sealing & Adjusting

    I'm doing some prep for an up coming event & decided to give the front suspension a complete inspection since I haven't had it apart before. I found a few things that may be of issue- 1) The lower ball joint sealing boot is not the correct size, as you can hopefully see in the photos it...
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    Cars & Coffee in NW Phoenix Sunday Nov. 23rd

    Come join us and enjoy some cool cars and hot coffee! 8am Nextcup LLC 19420 N 59th Ave # J700, Glendale, AZ (623) 322-4852 Link: <>
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    Last minute trip to Miller Motorsports park

    I'm leaving Phx this Sunday (June 8th) for Miller Motorsports Park to participate in a track day (June 9th) with the Scottsdale based Van Horssen Group & Ken Garff Porsche. I would love to see another GT there and I have an empty spot in the trailer if your in the Phx area. Call myself or...
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    Chassis Paint?

    I need to repaint the battery box in 2109 due to some acid leakage, anyone know what paint SPF uses? I'm looking for an exact match for the black in the engine compartment. I am replacing the old battery with a sealed unit from Braille auto, only 15 pounds!
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    New Dampers

    The original rear dampers were leaking and factory replacements are STILL on the slow boat from South Africa so we decided to upgrade. The new dampers are made by Carrera and feature independent compression and rebound adjustment and are easy to rebuild or revalve if needed...
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    Arizona Private Track Day Feb. 10th

    We're going to do it again! Firebird Raceway, west track in Chandler AZ. You are invited!
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    Arizona Private Track Event- SPF GT-40 & SPF Daytona

    Arizona Guys; <table id="post98549" class="tborder" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr valign="top"><td class="alt1" id="td_post_98549" style="border-right: 2px solid rgb(255, 102, 0);">Anyone interested in a private track day at Firebird west? We...
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    Dirt & Debris in headlight housing

    There is somewhat of a rough fit of the headlight in our SPF GT-40 resulting in dust and sand under the lexan (?) light cover. That kinda stuff tends to keep me up at night, so I found a fix. Ace Hardware sells a product called Pile Seal, it's an adhesive backed felt like strip. I used 3/16"...
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    A bit OT.....SPF Daytona Coupe forums?

    Are there any? I've got one I'm trying to remove stereo equipment from and have some questions about how to disassemble. Oh, and I'm looking for yet another forum to obsess over and read all threads from the past year! :)
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    RBT stuck in reverse!

    I've got a RBT 5-speed in a Superformance GT-40 and the transmission is stuck in reverse. The shifter will move to all positions except reverse, when the shifter is in the neutral position the car will move in reverse. When the shifter in in any forward gear and the clutch is slowly released the...