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    Acceptable lifter bore wear on a 302

    Hi, I am in the process of getting my 1971 block ready for boring out and some other work and noticed some wear marks in the lifter bores. The block is on a standard cylinder bore size and the crank that came out was on standard mains and 0.010 big ends which were done recently and not run...
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    302 firing order - should I avoid 1542

    Hello, I'm currently doing my best to spec a 331 stroker from a 1971 302 block, whilst researching this subject i have read (more than once) that the standard 15426378 loads up the front main with the first 2 strokes being above No1 main and should be avoided. Even though the 351 & later 302...
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    Overall height with clips open

    Could someone out there come back to me with the overall height of the front and rear clips when they are open and the car is on its wheels? Im not too worried about what your ride height is i just need to get an idea of the height for when i put my ceiling joists in the garage. Spike
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    QBE62G Not available for the foreseeable

    For those of you currently looking at buying a new Quaife gearbox or specifying your chassis with the gearbox type, I saw a comment in another post saying that the Quaife gearbox has been temporarily removed from sale. I have contacted Quaife asking how long this is likely to be and they have...
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    LED lights

    I have been looking for LED headlamps that look like a direct replacement for the original type, but am not completely convinced it looks that great looking at the superformance future 40, has anyone found or fitted anything different?? Spike
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    Finding a pre75 302 block

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to have ordered a chassis kit by now and got my build log started but the current world situation has put the mockers on that for me until at least the second half of this year :(. However i do love a bit of research and have been looking into the engine options in...
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    Original chassis colour

    Hi, Could anyone tell me which colour blue the original chassis where painted?? Spike
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    Purchasing from Summit and shipping to the UK

    Dear all, I am contemplating purchasing some engine parts from Summit in the US, can anyone tell me from experience what the import duty/taxes and general fuss would be at this end through customs
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    Registration queries in UK

    This is going to be a stupid question me thinks but i'm going to ask it anyway, i have looked and cant find anything that's relevant to the UK on here in the last 5 years so here goes; Vehicle Registration: I see replica cars on here have a period registration i.e. D/E/F reg. How do you get...
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    What gearbox with what power/torque

    Hello all, I am putting together my 'list' of preferred items for my build as i hope to order a kit next year. One of the outstanding items with various options that are fundamental to the build is the gearbox, I have read many threads on who recommends what gearbox and i was hoping you could...
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    MK1 vs Mk2 body kits

    Having looked around this site into the early hours a few times over the past couple of months i notice that Mk1's are predominately the replica of choice. Is this because of any technical shortfall related to the kits or purely the finished looks? I have also noticed Mk1 fronts paired with Mk2...
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    Howdy from UK

    I am hoping to purchase a kit next year and enjoying ploughing through the posts on here, plenty of info available and some very nice builds