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    GT40s at the Spa 6 hours 2014

    If you guys like the photos I will post a whole lot more. At the moment I have to go back to Spa however, for two days of instructing (Radical SR3 RS), so please bear with me... If you like I will start posting more pictures coming Wednesday. John
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    Where to find detailed info on races of the early 50's

    At the moment I am researching a paticular colour of a 340 America that raced at Le Mans in 1951, race number 18. Later that year it also raced at Dundrod. Now I have gone through some history books that write about Le Mans, but they do not mention the colours of the cars. I have also watched...
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    The inside story of the fastest Fords by Ludvigsen

    Does anyone know the book "The inside story of the fastest Fords" by Karl Ludvigson? I just came across this title while researching something else, but cannot remember ever having seen the book before. Is it any good and worth the $ 52,- they are asking for it? John
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    Like more info on D Type options

    Did not know where to post this, but hope some of you may be able to help. I would really like to try and find a nice replica of a Jaguar D Type. I already found out Brian Wingfield and Lynx did a really good one, but trying to find one of those might be very difficult indeed (and probably very...
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    Spa 6 hours 2013

    Last weekend I took my 9 year old son Nick to the Spa 6 hours, the best classic race in the world bar the Goodwood Revival. If all works well, please see the photographs (mainly taken by Nick) below...
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    Fraud or really Exoto?

    Last week I ordered a scalemodel from Exoto and after a couple of days I received the following email: Dear Mr. S, Thank you for the order you recently placed on or Because you are a first-time customer, it is necessary for us to verify your credit card and your...
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    Does a Shelby signature add much value to a scale model?

    I can buy a Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe from the Shelby Collactables, scale 1:18. On the roof this model it is signed by Carroll Shelby, reason why the seller wants more money. Anyone any idea how much this signature would add to the value of the model? John
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    GT40 MkII Shelby Collectables all wrong?

    Last week I took my two boys to the Dutch TT circuit for a demo run of the Red Bull F1 with David Coulthard driving. There were some stand selling memorabilia and they could both pick a scale model. The oldest choose a Ferrari 512 S (as I already picked a GT40 MkII) and the youngest picked a VW...
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    GT40 P1029 at Dutch TT circuit in Assen

    GT40 P1029 at the historic races at the Dutch TT circuit in Assen Some details like the inboard side mirror… Lovely rear spoiler, I think this is mandatory on the MkI, so cool and effective… Enormously big rear axles to handle all the power (so much bigger than on my GTD)…...
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    Circuit training with some very nice cars...

    This week I spent two days training 3 customers at Spa-Francorchamps. RMA organised this day and they have a very good reputation which usually shows in the cars people bring (or maybe I should say the owners they attract). Just to give you an idea (be patient and just scroll through the...
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    Nice GT40 posters

    I have been watching Ebay for some weeks now hoping to find some nice posters of GT40s (motorsport or vintage look), but unfortunately I have found any. As I want them for my garage I will settle for Lola T70, Porsche 917, Ferrari 330 P4 / 512 S / 512 M, you get the picture. Does anyone...
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    Looking for nice pictures of garages

    With the GTD40 off to the workshop to make it ready for registration I decided to clear out the 2-car garage and start turning it into a nice workshop. I was hoping to find some pictures of the inside/interior of your garages, but I think a topic is missing where we can all post photos of the...
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    I love that sound

    A pitty you can't stand next to the road and listen to your car while driving in it... Wait for the last couple of seconds (this was at the back of a deserted industrial area). Ford GT40 engine sound impressive - YouTube I really like that sound, although not as good as the ex-Pantera RCR...
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    How to keep the chassis and engine bay in good condition

    What do you guys use to keep the chassis and engine bay clean? I know Ron used Muc - Off, Motorcycle protectant with PTFE and although I am not much of a polisher myself having such a nice looking car I intend to keep it that way. Maybe I can get my sons to clean it for me after a spin. On...
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    Does a 302 engine need lead replacement and octane booster

    When I bought the GTD40 from Ron there was still some Castrol Valvemaster Plus in the door pocket. This is a lead replacement and octane booster. Do I really need that for an 'older' 302 engine when buying 95 petrol? My engine does not have a light weight alu head, I believe. This 250 ml...
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    Just picked up my GTD40!!!

    Last summer I spotted a nice and clean looking GTD40 for sale and contacted owner Ron to learn more about the car and the reason it was for sale. Discussing the car it seemed like a very noce example, albeit a road car and not a track car I was looking for. After I learned more about the car I...
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    How does the body used by GTD compare to the original

    Well it seems I have finally become a GT40 owner, having come to an agreement on a GTD. For some reason I always feel the GTD bodies look slightly different than the original bodies. Does someone have clear pictures to show the difference and would it be possible to bring the body closer in...
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    Pictures of 1023 at historics in The Netherlands

    This weekend the Dutch Historic Championship will be held at the Dutch TT circuit, famous for it's World Championship Motorbike event, and chassis 1023 will be raced there as well. These pictures were taken today at free practice and also show two Corvette Grand Sports. Thought you might like...
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    Neil Foreman P4 company for sale

    Neil Foreman just put his P4 replica company on the market... NF Auto Development - Foreman Mk4 John
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    Original GT40s at Classic Le Mans

    <SPAN lang=EN-GB style="mso-ansi-language: EN-GB">Last weekend I went to the Classic Le Mans and decided to take a few pictures of the GT40s for <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comAs my history is with Ferrari I am used to writing down chassis numbers and I...