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  1. Jkviper

    Mark B's Build Thread

    Congrats Mark, getting close!
  2. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Still focused on the passenger compartment, once finished with the passenger and fuel tank compartments I’ll move on to install the engine and transaxle. Next up is fabricating the interior tub close out panels. Taking the basic approach of attaching a 1/8” aluminum panel to the side of the...
  3. Jkviper

    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    Wow, congrats on a successful run. Well done Neil!
  4. Jkviper

    CamT's build thread

    Great vid! I still chuckle when you mention carbon fiber.
  5. Jkviper

    *** SOLD *** RCR GT40 replica for sale ***SOLD***

    Bryan, sorry to read you are having health issues. Hope you feel better soon. I enjoyed following your build. Some lucky buyer is going to get a great project.
  6. Jkviper

    Build/Assembly manual

    Hey Raul, There is no other build manual other than the one on
  7. Jkviper

    Front wheel speed sensor location

    Hector, I assume you need it on the front wheels and not on the rear axle?
  8. Jkviper

    Craft Performance engine knock

    Chris, Does the Holley sniper have it’s own tune and timing setting independent of the setting used on the Dyno? Based on what I read the timing and tune are part of the Sniper package.
  9. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Now on to mounting the pedal assembly. Here is a short video on the process and getting to finally sit in the car and check the fitment… Like the driver’s seat, made a template placing the pedal assembly angled to line up with the seat and steering column… You can see the slight angle by...
  10. Jkviper

    Pigtail for Graziano speed sensor

    Hector, based on the feedback from Johan and Dan I think it has been determined that the Graz does not put out a usable speed signal for an ECU VSS. When in neutral and clutch engaged it still rotates instead of showing zero movement.
  11. Jkviper

    Brian M's SL-C Turnkey Build Thread

    Ditto to what Brian said, you are doing some very unique things with the custom rear end, titanium muffler system, and electronics to name a few. These build threads are as much about sharing the passion for our builds as well as the build process. Looking forward to see your future updates!
  12. Jkviper

    Graziano transmission gear steps

    Here you go… I also did a video summarizing this info for my build and walking through various drop gear ratios. Obviously your tire size will matter…
  13. Jkviper

    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    Neil, I enjoyed your last video at Bonneville. I hope you get some of the weekend on video this time too.
  14. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Dave, that’s cool. What I typically do is just drill dots to notate a pair or parts that need to line up. Like my passenger side seat brackets have a single dot in each bracket to notate they are a pair. But spelling it out is much better and more professional.
  15. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Thanks Ken, appreciate the help.
  16. Jkviper

    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    Steve, the car looks great! Ken Roberts posted this link in Johan’s SLC thread regarding PWM controlled alternators which may be your issue.
  17. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Hey Kurt, thanks for the comments. I will say the stock gentleman’s seat is far more comfortable, but had to move on and the Tilletts look great for sure. You didn’t miss anything. I haven’t settled on the mounting HW yet. More than likely I‘ll use 10.9 M8 bolts with fender washers facing up...
  18. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Time to finally mount the seats. I’ve had this on my to do list for months so very glad to finally finish this step. Howard Jones recommended that it’s best to align the driver’s seat to the steering column, and then the pedals to the seat. I took Howard’s advice seriously and put a lot of...
  19. Jkviper

    FS USA Tillett TB2 Brackets

    These did not work for me, but may work for your build. Two pair of Tillett TB2 seat brackets. They work for Tillett B5 seats. The mounting holes are 23cm apart. They are designed to work with the Tillett TR1 runners. Here is a link to the documentation…...
  20. Jkviper is Twenty!

    Congrats Ron, I know I have been enjoying the site since 2018.